american artists

Amy Kephart (New York). 1997, solo project. Main source, she and her sister Sally, of Jetlag Girls, the first song of The Singing Painters.

Brian Getnick (Chicago). The Gentlemen's Gentlemen, a cooperative project with Noe Kidder. Video presentation during first half of April 2007.

CarianaCarianne (Chicago). 2004: BORDERS, first solo project. Creates the 2nd version of the crox-site (still available on 2006: DWELLING FIELD, second solo project. Publication of BORDERS, crox-book NR 3.

Carla Gannis. 2007. NEW AMERICAN ART STORY. Meant to be part of the show.

David Kramer (New York). 2007. NEW AMERICAN STORY ART.

Debra Pearlman (New York). 1997, a solo project.

Debra Tolchinsky (New York). 2006, a solo project.

Dianna Frid (Can/Chicago). 1998: first solo project (and review in De Standaard). A lively correspondence with Hans van Heirseele from 1998 to 2003. 2006: second solo project.

Ed Giecek. 2006-2007. Crox mailart call.

Edward Monovich. 2007. NEW AMERICAN STORY ART.

Jack Rose, 2008. Concert. Guest production (K-RAA-K)3.

Jesse Freeman. 2006-2007. Crox mailart call.


John Wiese, 2007. Concert. Guest production Smeraldina Rima.

Larry Krone (New York). 1999, PATCHES. A fascinating combination with that other solo project during June 1999, by Johan De Wilde.

Larry Walczak - Eyewash (New York). 2007. Curator of NEW AMERICAN STORY ART involving David Kramer, Nate Larson, Edward Monovich, Michael Powhida and Jim Torok.

Laura Barletta. 2006-2007. Crox mailart call.

Michael Buckland (New York). 2005. A Happy Room project - introduced by Alan Smith.

Michael Powhida. 2007. NEW AMERICAN STORY ART.

Michael Winkler. 1992. Participates in the 2nd edition of the Copy Art project.

Nate Larson (Boston). 2007. NEW AMERICAN STORY ART.

Noe Kidder (New York). 2007. Partner in art crime of Brian Getnick. Video presentation of The Gentlemen's Gentlemen.

Norma Markley (New York). 2006, a solo project called CUT. Review in H-art.

Patricia Smith (New York). Apart from Michael Winkler (he participated in the 1992 edition of the Copy Art project) the first American link. Solo project in 1995.

Patricia Thornley (New York). 1999, a solo project.

Phill Niblock (New York). 1996. Window project, a coop with German artist Jens Brand. Phill is the root and driving force of Experimental Intermedia.

Reid Wood (Oberlin). 2006, a mailart project - introduced by Frips and Marc Coene.

Robert Adrian X (Can). Lives in Vienna. 2006.

Ron Huebner (Can). December 2003, JEWELS BY HUEBNER. Window project. Ron dies on March 1, 2004.

Ron Omlin (Oregon). 2006-2007. Crox mailart call.

Roxanne Clark (Louisville). 2006-2007. Crox mailart call.

Ryan Jewel, 2007. Concert. Guest production Smeraldina Rima.

Stu Mead (Minneapolis/Berlin). Lives in Berlin since 2001. A solo project in croxhapox during Autumn 2004.

Suzan Batu (New York/Istanbul). 1997: solo project. 1999: curates the project of Wendy Hirschberg.

Thomas Broadbent (New York). 1996: ZIPPER, solo project & window project. Participates in the 'Open Doors' project. November 1996: a travel to Oxford and London with Hans, switching to Astings and Eevers. 1998: Gets introduced to VZW Voorkamer (Lier). 2004: EAT CAKE, a window project. 2005-2006: participates in both editions of BASICS 2. 2006: SIMULATOR, fourth solo project.

Valeria Zunzun (Florida). 2006-2007. Crox mailart call.

Wendy Hirschberg (New York). 1999. CRASHES. Solo project and review in De Morgen.