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KNUTS. 1994. Final project of the first crox-period (1990-1992). The title of
the project is an anagram of kunst and this is the Dutch equivalent of art (tar,
rat, tra, tra-ta-ta). The project got cancelled.

The 2nd crox-card is the reproduction of a handwritten poem by Belgian poet
Johan Joos. First publication of
that poem was in Stil de grain (Ed.
Bert Bakker 1989). The crox-card is based on another, handwritten version of
the poem, published in the crox En Passant-catalogue (1991). Crox-card NR 2 is
out of stock.

is from the first edition of the Copy Art project. It is the final contribution
to that first edition, by Edwin Carels. It hung in the streets of Ghent from
end of August 1991 on. The work is quite an interesting invention. Carels turns
the 'fig.'-indication, which one frequently traces in illustrated books, into
fig. toi: imagine.

is a work by Hans van Heirseele from the third edition of the same project.

1-4 are photocopy on cardboard.

other cards are printed matter.

5-20 by Thomas Huyghe, based on extachromes made by Dirk De Neef. Prepess 21-28
by Anja Hellebaut. This time no ectachromes were used. From crox-card 29 on
prepress by Johan De Wilde; from crox-card 49 on both JDW and Sander
Vandenbroucke work on the prepress.

and 6/ are paintings by Thomas Huyghe. Croxcard 5 is one of the works from his
solo-project in 1998.

and 8/ are paintings by Michael Borremans from the second crox-solo in 1999:
Dog & Pixie.

and 10/ are paintings by Hans van Heirseele. The first one belongs to a series
of paintings made during Autumn 1997. It is a stillife in a well-tempered shade
of daylight. The second one is a work finished on January 4, 1998. It has a
distant and more cold atmosphere.

is two photographs by Daniel Libens from a 1996 project of Sjoerd Paridaen. The
same works got exhibited in Croxhapox later that year. 1998

is a mail art by Sjoerd Paridaen from his correspondence with Hans van
Heirseele. 1998

Karien Vandekerkhove. One of the drawings from the Liquids Series, NR 42 (1997).

For his crox-card Jan De Cock took an image from the first Belvedere project,
March 1998. His crox-project began half a week later.

and 16/ are paintings by Ignace De Vos. Both works appeared in the 1998
solo-project. The second has croxhapox as title.

18/ are paintings by Hans van Heirseele (a still life made in 1999) and Vincent
De Roder (a landscape).

is a work by Michaël Borremans from 1999: Terror Identified (Love Unlimited):
The Web. Sold out.

A work by Johan De Wilde, from his Voorkamer exhibition.

and 22/ Marc Coene. Two pictures from different series of photographs.

and 24/ Pieter De Gand. Park and Parkbos. Two paintings from his 2004 solo

and 26/ Robin Vermeersch. Bernard Hinault and Surrounds of Toulon. An edition
of two cards meant to be cards and nothing else. The format of the card and the
works is completely identical.

and 28/ Anja Hellebaut. Photographs from 2001 and 2002. Both works were part of
her crox-solo, May 2005.

is a dazzling photograph by Johan De Wilde. It shows part of Oslo seen from an

Johan De Wilde. A drawing entitled Until
death do us part. From his 2006

Alda Snopek. The card is derived from a series of photographs shown during her
first project in 2005. The card itself is an original work.

J. Van der Borght. A still from 'The Wrong Ear, Vincent', a video from 1996.

Dianna Frid, 2005. Island.

Video-still from the work Linda,
Delphine en de anderen (Linda,
Delphine and the others) by Lucia Penninckx. May 2006.

CarianaCarianne. A still from 'Dwelling Field', part of her second

Carole Vanderlinden. A drawing entitled Cible.

Nicolas Leus. As 31 and 25-26: conceived as a card. The work and the crox-card
are completely identical.

Debra Tolchinsky. Item #1 Soap. The work is part of her crox-project, crox 183
(June-July 2006), in a different shape though.

Christophe Lezaire. Charte. The card has poor printing quality,
basically because of the work itself. The painting is hardly reproduceable.
Most of Lezaire's oeuvre –

Lieve D’hondt. Ki. 2005.

Dirk Zoete. Tractor (2004). The work pictures a typical Flemish scenerie.

Dirk Zoete. A drawing from 2002, entitled To
live in a head as a domesticated adventurer (Wonen
in een hoofd als een huiselijk avonturier).

& 44/ Thomas Böing. Drawings from different periods. 'At Noon' is a work
from 2004, 'Birdhouse' belongs to an older series but is a remake from 2006.

Hedwig Brouckaert. Magazine figures. Reproduction of a huge rollerpoint
drawing. Reduced to the size of a card the work looks an early fourteenth
century Chinese landscape scenerie.

Tinka Pittoors. Ongewenst monument (2006). [Unwanted monument.]

Christophe Lezaire. Reprint of card NR 39. Reprint of 39.

Christophe Lezaire. Congratulations (2005). A small painting featuring slightly
greenish shades of grey.

Carole Vanderlinden: Herbier (2005). Black ink on paper remodelled in a

Carole Vanderlinden. An oil painting from 2005 entitled Il pleut dehors (it rains outside).

& 52/ are both from the 6th BRAINBOX#1 unit (2006) featuring Alda Snopek,
Merlin Spie and Ludo Engels. The photographs are works by Marc De Clercq.

53/ Brainbox#1 unit 4 (2006) shows a fragment of the intervention by Dirk Zoete, Michaël Borremans and Tinka Pittoors. The title, Anarachistisch ploegen, Anarchistisch ploughing, presumably sticks to Zoete's backyard.

is a work by Wouter Decorte, basic element of his solo project in 2007:
Plooibaar Landschap.

Peter Morrens. Grote gelijktijdigheid #2, a photograph from 2005 showing a
museal display of a work by Piero dela Francesca.

Peter Morrens. A work from the Point Blank Press, nr 370: Ik zal eens goed
komen lachen met uw expositie - expositie is crossed out and replaced by the
word postkaart (postcard). 2004

57/ Ann Vandersleyen. Sammeln Sie alle, pen on paper, a work from 2005 from a series of similar works.

58/ Kurt Duyck. A small acryl on paper collage depicting an abstract and playfull scheme of botanic elements. 2007

59/ Kurt Duyck. Brushwood and a sensation of spring. Acryl on paper. 2006

60/ Liesbeth De Fossé. Belgian photographer based in Paris. Fig.0603002, a work from 2006. The portrait of three African ladies invited to get to her studio in an eastern Paris suburb.

61/ Philippe Vandenberg. A drawing, which apparently is part of the title of the work: Drawing (ce que je peux). Ballpoint and ink on paper. 2006

62/ Philippe Vandenberg. As above: Drawing (terminé). C'est terminé il n'y a plus rien à ajouter: Over and done, nothing else to add. A repetitive flow of that phrase gradually getting smaller and smaller towards the bottom of the work. Watercolour on paper.

63/ Heike Kati Barath (DE). Dog falling down. And keeps faling down. Nothing ever will stop him or she from doing so. Oil on canvas. 2007

64/ Thomas Bogaert. The Caravan, 2003. Filmstill, mixed media.

65/ Eva Deleener. Heads & Fire, large size paint on paper from a series of works shown in croxhapox during spring 2009. Diabolic sceneries supplied with iconographic elements from the Indonesian archipelago.

66/ Julian Moran (US). Untitled drawing from 2007.

67/ Britta Bogers (DE). Untitled ballpoint drawing from 2006.

68/ Laura van. A painting from the Nineties. Oil on canvas.

69/ 70/ Michaël Boremans. The Resemblance, a diptych, oil on canvas, from 2006.

71/ Dirk Peers (1957-2003). Les choses. A linocut, most probably made in 1998, from a large collection of similar work. Often printed in miscellaneous layers creating series of differing patterns, this one shows the linear outline of a coffee-pot.

72/ 73/ 74/ Dirk Peers. Untitled specimen from above-mentioned series, all of it end 20th century.

75/ Johan De Wilde. Memento Vivere. The Blue Tree. 2005.

76/ 77/ Marc Coene. Two photographs from 2008, imt001, a digital print showing some Paris scenerie, and sta027, a barite print from a series of images made in Ecuador.

78/ Chris Van Beveren: The Bridge, a painting, acryl on canvas, from 2008.

79/ Maria Blondeel. G(211296)24h, an image from her one day crox-project in 1996, a 24 hour sonic installation during the shortest day of the year with square waves, blueprints, light projection and sunlight.


81/ Tim Onderbeke. Sleepless Night, Brooklyn, New York, US. No date. Print on paper.

82/ Alan Smith. A small gouache from one of Alan's notebooks, untitled Winkelstraat or Shopping Street, which may refer to a shopping street indeed or to the Winkelstraat in Wondelgem, where Mario De Brabandere lives. 2007

83/ Maud Vande Veire. Doendenken, to be translated as ActThink or Act Thinking, gouache and charcoal on paper and large size. From a series of works made from 2002 up to 2004.

84/ Steffie Van Cauter. Still from Die Fliege fliegt and stürzt verrückt, an animation from 2007 (the Dutch title offers the indication a collection of animation), presented in croxhapox during 2008. Pencil and paint.

85/ Oana Cosug (RO). Tempera on paper. 2008.

86/ Florin Buta (RO). The Book, oil on canvas. 2010. From a series of painting exhibited at croxhapox.

87/ Ria Bauwens. Digital print from a polaroid scan. Undated.

88/ Thomas Bogaert. On The Way To The Peak of Ecstasy. Mixed media. From the presentation at MDD. 2010

89/ Grégory Decock (FR). Les nouveau chemins. New ways. Ink on paper, 2010. A series of large size drawings. No other tool than directing the inkdrop(s) by moving the paper.

90/ Mil Ceulemans. Out of Sight, Out of Time. Oil and spray paint on canvas. From Mil's first crox-show. 2009

91/ Rik De Boe. Test Image, a charcoal on zerkallpaper drawing. 2008. The image was choosen as cover for crox-book nr 16, a 2010-project by Rik De Boe.

92/ Rik De Boe. Viewmaster. Charcoal on zerkallpaper. 2008.

93/ Freya Maes. Made in China. 2005. Photograph made in an attraction park showing a twin tower scale model and a female more or less in front of it.

94/ Thomas Bogaert. Hummingbird. Mixed media, 2010.

95/ Rik De Boe. Development Pools II. Charcoal on zerkallpaper. A work from 2010.

96/ Daniël Dewaele. Over croxhapox / About croxhapox. Part of his 2011 crox presentation. "A text describing the objectives of Croxhapox experimental arts centre (from the publication Hedendaagse Beeldende Kunstorganisaties in België) translated into ten languages spoken by ethnic minority citizens of Ghent." (Daniël Dewaele, Selected Projects, p. 198, Be Part 2012) The crox-card has the Chinese translation.

97/ Martin Sommer (DE). Grease. Print, digital collage, mixed media. 2010

99/ Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker. Lamdaprint. 2010

100/ Nele Van Canneyt. A photograph from her US travel: Framed, California, U.S.A. 2009

3/ Reprint of the 3d crox-card, Fig. toi, by Edwin Carels. From the first edition of crox 17 (1991) a Copy Art project.

20/ Reprint of the 20th crox-card, a work from 1995 by Johan De Wilde.

101/ 102/ 103/ 104/ Four drawings by Dirk Zoete from 2010 and 2011, large pencil on paper drawings with titles such as Stage (Circus), Collection, Barns on Stage and Stage-Construction.

105/ 106/ Vincent de Roder. Untitled paintings.

Flickr photos from the album croxcards by croxhapox

croxcard 93 freya maes (2005) made in china<br />
digital print 70x100cmcroxcard 92 rik de boe (2008) viewmaster<br />
charcoal on zerkallpaper 76,5x53,5cmcroxcard 91 rik de boe (2008) testbeeld/jaloezie<br />
charcoal on zerkallpaper 76,5x53,5cmcroxcard 90 mil ceulemans (2009) out of sight, out of time<br />
oil and spray paint on canvas 60x80cmcroxcard 89 grégory decock (2010) les nouveaux chemins<br />
ink on paper 100x70cmcroxcard 88 thomas bogaert (2010) on the way to the peak of ecstasy<br />
mixed media 60x48x3cmcroxcard 87 ria bauwens / zonder titel<br />
digitale print van polaroid scan 32,5x31,6cmcroxcard 86 florin buta (2010) the book<br />
oil on canvas 35x45cmcroxcard 85b Oana Cosugcroxcard 85 Oana Cosugcroxcard 84b Steffie Van Cautercroxcard 84 Steffie Van Cautercroxcard 83b Maud Vande Veirecroxcard 83 Maud Vande Veirecroxcard 82b Alan Smithcroxcard 82 Alan Smithcroxcard 81b Tim Onderbekecroxcard 81 Tim Onderbekecroxcard 80b Tuur De Loddercroxcard 80 Tuur De Loddercroxcard 79b Maria Blondeelcroxcard 79 Maria Blondeelcroxcard 78b Chris Van Beverencroxcard 78 Chris Van Beverencroxcard 77b Marc Coenecroxcard 77 Marc Coenecroxcard 76b Marc Coenecroxcard 76 Marc Coenecroxcard 75b Johan De Wildecroxcard 75 Johan De Wildecroxcard 74b Dirk Peerscroxcard 74 Dirk Peerscroxcard 73b Dirk Peerscroxcard 73 Dirk Peerscroxcard 72b Dirk Peerscroxcard 72 Dirk Peerscroxcard 71b Dirk Peerscroxcard 71 Dirk Peerscroxcard 70b Michael Borremanscroxcard 70 Michael Borremanscroxcard 69b Michael Borremanscroxcard 69 Michael Borremanscroxcard 68b Hans van Heirseelecroxcard 68 Hans van Heirseelecroxcard 67b Britta Bogerscroxcard 67 Britta Bogerscroxcard 66b Julian Morancroxcard 66 Julian Morancroxcard 65b Eva Deleenercroxcard 65 Eva Deleenercroxcard 64b Thomas Bogaertcroxcard 64 Thomas Bogaertcroxcard 63b Heike Kati Barathcroxcard 63 Heike Kati Barathcroxcard 62b Philippe Vandenbergcroxcard 62 Philippe Vandenbergcroxcard 61b Philippe Vandenbergcroxcard 61 Philippe Vandenbergcroxcard 60b Liesbeth De Fossecroxcard 60 Liesbeth De Fossecroxcard 59b Kurt Duyckcroxcard 59 Kurt Duyckcroxcard 58b Kurt Duyckcroxcard 58 Kurt Duyckcroxcard 57b Ann Vandersleyencroxcard 57 Ann Vandersleyencroxcard 53b brainbox1 unit4croxcard 53 brainbox1 unit4croxcard 47b Christophe Lezairecroxcard 47 Christophe Lezairecroxcard 2b Johan Jooscroxcard 2 Johan Jooscroxcard 56 peter morrens (2004) POINT BLANK PRESS (nr 370)croxcard 55 peter morrens (2005) GROTE GELIJKTIJDIGHEID #2croxcard 54 wouter decorte (2007) PLOOIBAAR LANDSCHAP<br />
aluminium 70/450x48/312cm croxcard 52 brainbox (2006)<br />
unit 6: alda snopek, merlin spie, ludo engels<br />
foto: marc de clercq<br />
croxcard 49 carole vanderlinden (2005) HERBIER<br />
inkt, collage op papier 16,6x20,5cm croxcard 51 brainbox (2006)<br />
unit 6: alda snopek, merlin spie, ludo engels<br />
foto: marc de clercq croxcard 50 carole vanderlinden (2006) IL PLEUT DEHORS<br />
acryl op doek 21x28cmChristophe Lezaire (1963)<br />
Congratulations, 2005<br />
gemengde technieken 17x23,3 cmTinka Pittoors (1977)<br />
Ongewenst monument, 2006<br />
digitale printHedwig Brouckaert (1973)<br />
Magazine Figures, 2006<br />
tekening 130x244 cmcroxcard 44 Thomas Böing (1963)<br />
Birdhouse, 2006<br />
tekening 20x30 cmcroxcard 43 Thomas Böing (1963)<br />
At Noon, 2005<br />
tekening 13x18 cmcroxcard 42 Dirk Zoete (1969)<br />
Wonen in een hoofd als huiselijk avonturier, 2002<br />
tekening 65x50 cmcroxcard 41 Dirk Zoete (1969)<br />
Tractor, 2004croxcard 4 hans van heirseele<br />
paalslaap (1992)<br />
croxhapox 1994croxcard 3 Fig.toi (1991)<br />
edwin carels<br />
c croxhapox 1994croxcard 1 knuts (1992)     croxhapox non-project<br />
ontwerp hans van heirseele -  frank van den eeckhout<br />
croxhapox 1994<br />
croxcard 40 Lieve D'hondt (1963)<br />
Ki, 2005 tekeningcroxcard 39 Christophe Lezaire (1963)<br />
Chartre, 2006<br />
div. technieken op papier 15,1 x 21,4 cmcroxcard 38 debra tolchinsky (2006) ITEM #1 SOAP<br />
from Survival Kit for Runners up croxcard 37 nicolas leus (2005) TIP TOP<br />
tekening 10,5x6,8cmcroxcard 36 carole vanderlinden (2006) CIBLE<br />
tekening 18x33cm croxcard 35 carianacarianne (2005) DWELLING FIELD<br />
video still croxcard 34 lucia penninckx (2006) LINDA, DELPHINE EN DE ANDEREN<br />
video still croxcard 33 dianna frid (2005) ISLAND<br />
mixed media 9x5x4 inchescroxcard 32 j. van der borght & W.O.K (1996) THE WRONG EAR, VINCENT<br />
foto naar videocroxcard 31 alda snopek (2005) uit SERIES NOIRES<br />
fotomontage 16x20cm croxcard 30 johan de wilde (2006) UNTIL DEATH DO US PART<br />
tekening 42x29,7cm croxcard 29 johan de wilde (2005) OSLO<br />
foto 36x27cm<br />
croxcard 28 anja hellebaut (2001) GENT<br />
foto 30x45cm croxcard 27 anja hellebaut (2002) TURKIJE<br />
foto 30x45cm croxcard 26 robin vermeersch (2003) OMGEVING VAN TOULON<br />
collage 10x15cmcroxcard 25 robin vermeersch (2003) BERNARD HINAULT<br />
collage 10x15cmcroxcard 24 pieter degand (2004) PARKBOS<br />
olieverf op doek 40x50cm croxcard 23 pieter degand (2004) PARK<br />
olieverf op doek 4x50cm croxcard 22 marc coene NEA003<br />
digitale print 31x31cm croxcard 21 marc coene LAN 009<br />
barietprint 17,6x17,6cmcroxcard 20 johan de wilde (1995) zonder titel<br />
inkt op papier 61x61 cm /uitverkocht/croxcard 19 michaël borremans (1998)<br />
olieverf op paneel /uitverkocht/croxcard 18 vincent de roder (1998) zonder titel<br />
acryl op doek 40x30cm croxcard 17 hans van heirseele (1999) SCHILDERIJ 813<br />
olieverf op doek 37x30cmcroxcard 16 ignace de vos (1998) CROXHAPOX<br />
acryl en p.t. op doek 110,5x80cm croxcard 15 ignace de vos (1997) VOORLOPIG<br />
acryl en p.t. op doek 80x65cm croxcard 14 jan de cock (1998) THE INDUSTRY OF HUMAN HAPPINESS<br />
installatie boekentoren 'belvedere' (gent) 8x6mcroxcard 13 karien vandekerkhove (1997) LIQUID 42<br />
inkt op papier 42,2x29,7cm croxcard 12 Sjoerd Paridaen & Hans van Heirseele<br />
mail-art correspondentie St-Amandsberg 1998croxcard 11 sjoerd paridaen - zonder titel<br />
foto: daniël libenscroxcard 10 hans van heirseele (1998) SCHILDERIJ 733<br />
olieverf op doek 35x27cm<br />
/uitverkocht/croxcard 9 hans van heirseele (1997) SCHILDERIJ 705<br />
stilleven & variaties 12 nr. 3 olieverf op doek 35x27cm<br />
/uitverkocht/ croxcard 8 michaël borremans (1998) PIXIE<br />
olieverf op doek 30x24cm<br />
/uitverkocht/Michael Borremans (1963)<br />
Pixie, 1998<br />
olieverf op doek<br />
<p>frontcroxcard 6 thomas huyghe (1998) zonder titel<br />
olieverf op doek 47x47cmcroxcard 5 thomas huyghe (1998) zonder titel<br />
olieverf op doek 55x45cm