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Frid, combining natural and architectural forms in a basic pattern of green and yellow.
of course, there’s that sad-looking Arab with a dark moustache and a
yellow shirt and a green baseball dwarfpig-eggshell on his upper

From January up to December 2006 not that much
green-crox though. The greenest crox-card is that of Karien
Vandekerkhove, card NR 13, a drawing from the Liquids series. In a less
specific way crox-card NR 48, showing a work by Christophe Lezaire,
offers a shade of grayish greens. ‘Charte’, crox-card NR 47, same
artist, combines two greens: one a linear stroke at the bottom and at
the top of the wooden panel, two the olive dark green frame that had to
be black.

In the work by Jos Van Meerssche (crox 116, 2004/
crox 160, 2005) green basically is green without tone or shade; it just
as often turns out to be one the components of the dark masses of paint
on the canvas. In Pieter >Degand’s painting (crox 127, 2004) it is
used in a similar way. The mechanism of painting is quite different
though: crox-cards 23 and 24 show samples, at first sight, of one or
other ‘at random’ technique – brushing a layer of stamps and patches –
but the whole image is conceived in a more laborious way, defining each
spot and speck with a repetitive structure of small and pointed strokes.

of the works by Stef Debrabander (crox 161, 2005) shows a pattern of
chromosomes on a green surface. Quite a few of the original drawings
from crox-book NR 1, a black & white publication by Maud Vande
Veire, have heavy reds and solid greens in addition.

[original in English, translation available]