Baele, Bart
Böing, Thomas (D/ Köln)
Borremans, Michaël
Borremans, Xenia
Boudia, Samir
Brouckaert, Hedwig
Buta, Florin Solo project in 2005. Apart from a vast collection of recent paintings on small unframed panels, and two less recent works on canvas, the artist as well exhibits a small series of mixed media drawings, some of it on fragments of newspaper.
Cosijns, Sylvain One of the many participants of ‘Open Deuren (Open Doors, crox 51/ 1996), a big event in the crox-neighbourhood. Second project in collaboration with Philippe Vandenberg (crox 96/ 1999), involving a publication titled ‘De Boodschapper’ (The Messenger).
De Brabander, Stef
De Brabandere, Mario
Defrancq, Evert
Degand, Pieter Participates in Basics 1 (drawings, crox 110) and has a solo project in 2004. The solo project offers a mix of paintings, drawings and sketches.
De Vos, Ignace 1991 A contribution to the first edition of the copy art project. The fotocopied drawing – showing the rooftop of a house and clouds above it - suggests a strong influence by Jean Brusselmans. It is no copy art in the real sense of the word, but rather a sample of fotocopied art.
De Wilde, Johan
D’hondt, Lieve
Dierickx, Karel
Duhamel, Sylvie
Duyck, Kurt
Gentils, Frans
Hauser, Thomas (D/ Berlin)
Herr Seele
kinderen Machariusschool Gent
Krone, Larry
Lagast, Peter

Lerooy, Thomas
Leus, Nicolas
Maet, Marc
Mead, Stu (US)
Mentens, Ruth
Mistiaen, Carlo
Musschoot, Griet

Paridaen, Merlyn
Peers, Dirk
Pittoors, Tinka
Posman, Andre

Spie, Merlyn
Timmermans, Ante

Vandekerkhove, Karien
Vandenberg, Philippe
Vandenbrande, Daniël
Van der Borght, Joris
Vanderlinden, Carole
Vandersleyen, Ann
Vande Veire, Maud
Vandevelde, Ludwig
Van Meerssche, Jos
Van Stapele, Nicoline
Vermeersch, Pieter
Vermeersch, Robin
Zoete, Dirk