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"participating or sharing in the making of a crox-activity while it isn't explicitly visible"

February 1990: the tenant of the first floor at Beverhoutplein 7 leaves head over heels and leaves the place in shambles.

crox 3 (April 1990): Edwin Carels loathes the crox-logo. Hans gets inspired to make a new signboard. He uses waste and recycled materials.

crox 7 (June 1990): Ivan Adriaens & Marie-Jose Van Hee select works by Daniel Vandenbrande.

crox 10 (almost 10 years Cowboy Henk): Johan Casteels, a friend of FF, helps in the preparation of the CH-project.

Autumn 1990: Stefaan Van Bellingen is recruited. He is supposed to do fundraising. Our collaboration with Stefaan doesn't last very long.
crox 17 (copy art project): Sjoerd Paridaen connects with Guy Bleus and Jurgen O. Olbrich. in this way, mail-art gets intertwined with the crox program from the very beginning. The Copy Art project is a successful formula. In 1997, Sjoerd and Hans carry a mailart correspondency which is by now one of the most significant worldwide. As a mail-art duo they sporadically appear in the program from 1998 onward. Later, mainly Frips takes care of the mail-art connections.

1991-1992: For a short time, Dirk Vanderhaeghen joins the crox-team. He mainly is involved in research.

Summer 1994: Erik Van Belleghem (father of Bram and Emke) takes care of a lighting system in the basement of Aannemersstraat 54.

crox 25: children's drawings from the workshop of Johan Vanneste. Johan prefers not to be credited, which explains the posters' lay-out. The poster - doubling as an invitation - only mentions the first names of the children and their teacher.

Dirk De Neef introduces Patricia Smith (crox 28) and Antje Dorn (crox 31). Patricia Smith is the starting point of one of the American circles. After her come Thomas Broadbent, Debra Pearlman, Amy Kephart,and later, in 2007, Larry Walczak. All other American artist follow from a different connection. Through Antje Dorn a part of the Berliner Art scene comes aboard: Gosbert Adler, Thomas Hauser, Valeska Peschke (ultimately not in Crox), and some artists from Köln: Thomas Böing, Heike Kati Barath, Tazro Niscino.

Maria Blondeel helps in creating the pick-it flyer (1995/1996).

Autumn 1995: Hugo and Claire (Onderstraat 26) and Paul and Martine from De Schaar (meanwhile renamed Popville) allow the locations for the second edition of the instalraamproject (see 'instalraam').

Thanks to Ruth Mentens (crox 40) Belgian singer/songwriter Raymond Van Het Groenewoud promises to perform solo in croxhapox. Later on, Memaz is more or less the home band of croxhapox . Often, they play for free or for a symbolic fee.

Marijke Bontinck - currently not a member of the crox party - suggests Suzan Buta. SB has Turkish roots and lives in New York. Start of the second American circle, bringing to Croxhapox, after Suzan Batu (1997): Dianna Frid (1998-2006), Patricia Thornley (1999), Wendy Hirschberg (1999), Larry Krone (1999), CarianaCarianne (2004-2006), Debra Tolchinsky (2006), Brian Getnick & Noe Kidder (2007). Dianna Frid introduces the German artist Renate Wolff (2004).

crox 51: Sjoerd Paridaen suggests Ije Raaijmakers and Alexandra Jacquet.

Thomas Hauser (crox 61) suggests Stu Mead. Stu Mead only appears in the Crox program in 2004.

crox 63/crox 65: Sjoerd Paridaen suggests Griet Musschoot and Tomo Savic-Gecan, a Croatian artist.
crox 75/crox 76: Sjoerd suggests Ward Denys and Jan De Cock, both students at Kask, department 3D. (KASK is the school of fine arts of Ghent College).

crox 77: Dianna Frid stays at Marijke Bontinck's who is a member of the crox-team.

During opening nights Biek Deprez and Emke Van Belleghem lend a helping hand, from time to time.

crox 78: Zjuul Devens suggests Anja Hellebaut.

Spring 1999: Marijke Bontinck donates a spare mobile. Suzan Batu who takes care of the Hirschberg-solo stays at Marijke's.

2002: Raphaël Dua mentions the building at Lange Violettestraat (9000 Gent) as a possible new location. He also acts as go-between with the administrators of Nucleo vzw. The negotiations come to nothing. Rapha‰l Dua joins the crox-team and is an important factor in the restart of 2003.

Spring 2003: Johan De Coker has an interesting proposal for croxhapox (then non-active).

Fall 2003: Hugo Brackenier and Claire Verleyen offer the ground floor of Onderstraat 26 to Croxhapox VZW. Claire inquires with the neighbours if they would care to join in. Sofie and Bert put the front window of Schepenhuisstraat 25 at our disposal.  

crox 107: Broke. Frans Gentils donates 25 copies of a print as financial support.

crox 108: Johan De Wilde introduces Stefaan Dheedene. Dianna Frid suggests CarianaCarianne. Later on CarianaCarianne nominates Noe Kidder.
crox 110: Pieter Degand hurridly does some urgents repairs in the crox space. He assists during the construction of BASICS 2. In 2006, he and Hans perform some tricks while tiling the bar and the toilet.

crox 111: Ron Huebner stays at Wouter Cox's. Walter also helps in the preparation of Ron's last project.

crox 113: Ward Denys is in charge of the building up of Jan Willem Verherbrugge's project. Later on, Gerd Ververs lend a hand in the projects of Jos Van Meerssche and Renate Wolff.

Anja Hellebaut takes care of the mailing and the prepress of croxcards 21-28. From March to December 2004 she is, apart from Gerd Ververs the only collaborator. She and Hans are the only ones who can suffer without complaining the cold in the desperately damp rooms while they entertain the shivering visitors.

May 2004: Thomas Huyghe conjures up a kitchenette. It is located next to the toilets.

Summer 2004: Marc Coene and Ria Bauwens are digitising the image archive. Marc Coene structures and designs the crox-encyclopedia. Guido De Bruyn also lends a helpful hand, once in a while.

October 2004: Christophe Lezaire plastert the walls of the second crox space. Marc Coene joins the crox-team as photographer and documentalist. ever since, Croxhapox is probably one of the most thoroughly documented art initiaives in the world. The visual archive Marc Coene created is immense.

January 2005: Joris Van der Borght and Nancy De Vos appear on the scene. Joris is instrumental in finalising the dossier for the Kunstendecreet (Decree on Arts by the Flemish Community Government). Nancy covets our accounts and joins the core of the team. Soon, we come to realise that joris is the ideal person to help Hans build the experimental drive Crox wants. Similarly as Frank and Hans (1990-1992) and Hans and Kristel (1994-1999) did, they support - from the middle of 2005 onward - Croxhapox as the leading experimental centre for the arts in Belgium.

June 2005: Pieter Degand and Rik Soenen build the wooden shelves for crox 145. Samir Boudia takes care of the layout and prepress of the poster and flyer of BASICS 2.

November 2005: Frank Van den Eeckhout comes to the rescue when things in the board of crox get out of hand. A procedure is devised to put things back on the rails in a completely transparant and legal way. FF again joins the board in the beginning of 2006.

2006: Pierre de Gelder starts as Head of Publications and develops guidelines for the crox-format. These guidelines have been a solid basis for the book projects ever since. Johan De Wilde too, is involved in the creation of the format. Pierre, Johan and Hans agree that Crox has radically to go against the grain in publishing books instead of catalogues. The crox-format is based on Les Editions de Minuit, an idea of Hans that appeals immediatley to Johan and Pierre.

May 2006: Johan De Wilde appointed as Head of Publications. He does this practically for free, and heaven knows it is a lot of work. Bram Jacobs and his amie Julie join the group of volunteers.
Alan Smith helps in building the sequel to BASICS 2 in Abdij Maagdendale (Maagdendale Abbye)
At the instalraam location in Onderstraat, Claire and Hugo (owners) take care of the fluent installation and removal of the projects and artworks.