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Sall, Nico

crox 193-III, presentation of a movie by Tim Onderbeke. Sound by Nico Sall.
19 January 2008. Concert during opening night of crox 241-244. Nico Sall, Zeger Vandenbussche, Younes Zarhoni and Lode Vercamp.
crox 252, 28 March 2008. Première of a quartet for electric guitar. For ZWERM too, it is a première. The playlist that night also includes pieces by Larry Polansky (US) and Nico Sall.
TAGMOSIS 2008 AT CROXHAPOX, a project of Mahaworks and Ciclic Records with a contribution by Nico Sall.
crox 317, MR PROBE SAYS HELLO, a project of Marieke Berendsen and Bruno Nelissen. The programme features a piece by Nico Sall.