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art machine (crox 1): The razor on top of the egg on the support. A contemporary version of Columbus' egg.

Pasa pasa esta es tu casa (crox 103), a project from 2000 by Marta
Vera, Lucia Flores Saura and Sonia Almeida. During the opening night,
early April 2000, a huge Spanish omelet is cooked. Two important ingredients
of an omelet the Spanish way are spuds and eggs.

The crox-bitch is a variation on the crox-mister [crox-monsieur], a croque monsieur [a toasted ham and cheese sandwich]
in a saucy coat of whisked egg. Three variations: a coat of egg white, a coat of egg yolk and a coat of yolk and white.

A regular crox-mister has cheese, a slice of tomato and mustard.

Most common variants are the crox-salami and a crox with an extra slice of ham.
A lick of mustard is indispensible.

Prospection - a matter of walking on eggs. The number of broken eggs is reversely proportional to the quality of the work served.
(inevitably, some eggs will got crushed)

The ei-house: the Gent location of Experimental Intermedia, Sassekaai
45. The ei-house is a combination of installation window and residence. [egg in Dutch is 'ei'  => ei-house equals egg-house]

The third edition of the installation window - Schrattenberg Nucleus &
Schrattenberg Periferie (1997) - is a collaboration between Croxhapox and
Experimental Intermedia. During the second edition also (1996) EI introduces a series of artists:
Phill Niblock (founder and promotor of Experimental Intermedia), Jens Brand (D), Maria Blondeel, Zjuul
Devens and Harald Kubiczak (D).