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Open Deuren [Open Doors]

abecedarium of participants

Albrecht, Anne /assemblage of recyclage; location 61/
Aubrey, David >BBC
BBC /world service & virtual poetry, located at David Aubrey and Christine Janssens; location 52/
Baccaert-Bader /bakery in Klinkkouterstraat; sponsor/
Baele, Guy /location 56/
Baele, Patrick /video; location 20/ Videoproject in the media space at Lucas Munichstraat 76 in 2006.
Baert, Lieven /sarabande pour une femme; location 4/
Baro, Lieven /performance & installation; venue 88/
Bauters, Tini /location 21/
Bayen, Evelyn /art & parties; venue 6/
Blue Orbit >Doorway Rock (Blue Orbit is the duo Adriaan >Verwée and Merlyn >Paridaen)
Borremans, Michaël /schilderijen; location 9/ First solo project in 1995; second solo project in 1999. Also participates in ‘Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch’ (crox 70), Basics 1 (2003), Basics 2 (2005/2006) and Brainbox (2006).
Bourgoignie, Armand >Doorway Rock
Braeckman, Dirk /photo; location 47/
Broadbent, Thomas (US) /workmen (fabric); location 40/ Crox-projecten in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2004 and 2006.
Bultinck, Jo /ordinary things (textiles & shoe polish); performance as shoeshine boy; location 80-81/ >Van Dijck
Capovilla, Giampaolo (ITA) /paintings; location 53/ Artist from Padua who joins the neighbourhood project via Beatrijs Lauwaert. 
Cappelle, Claire /emotional colour pallette; location 60/
Casaer, Randall /comics; location 76/
Clarysse, Frank >Doorway Rock
Clément, Daniëlle /location 24/
Clicque, Robert /paintings; location is croxhapox/ Also participates later on in Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch (crox 70).
Coddens, Eddy /eye portraits and photo-act; location 58/
Coessens, Veerle /location 85/
Color Center /poster printing; sponsor/
Cosijns, Sylvain /drawings & paintings; location 89/ ‘Sylvain Cosijns only started painting and drawing at 50. He has widened his repertoire of forms ever since. Apart from pencils, charcoal and acrylics, he has recently turned to oils.’ (text from brochure) In 1999 a crox-project (crox 96) with Philippe Vandenberg: De Boodschapper [The Messenger].
Cox, Wouter /location 28; work in situ/ Other crox-projecten are crox 12 (1991) and crox 145 (Basics 2/ 2005 & 2006).
Criel, Sven /with thanks/
Daem, Geertrui /reads from her work; venue 69/
Debrabanter, Walter /object; location 12/ review>De Gentenaar, photo/
De Buck, Kristel /crox-team; coordination/
Deceuninck, Damien /3 drawings about Maya/ Damien Deceuninck joins the project via Patrick Verlaak, as guest artist.
De Clercq, Marc /photo’s; location 57/ Review De Morgen, photo.
Declercq-Vandenberghe /bloot-coûture; location 25/ [naked couture; intranslatable pun on the homophony of 'bloot' and 'haute'] An in situ work with naked mannequins.
Decraemer, Chris >De Smet
Dedecker, Els >Doorway Rock (duo with composer Frank Agsteribbe)
De Gentenaar Two reviews, one before and one after the project. ‘Heirnis offers room to artists’ (Saturday 28 September 1996). Picturing Hans >van Heirseele; in the background a work by Philippe Vandenberg. “Neighbours who open their houses for an artist and by extension for the public, it isn't the first time this happens in Ghent. Nevertheless, the ‘Open Deuren’-project of vzw Croxhapox differs fundamentally from the mother of such Ghent events, 'Chambres d’Amis’. ‘Open Deuren’ is actually concentrated in a single neighbourhood and the participants had an important voice in the project. All inhabitants of ten streets close to the Croxhapox space in Aannemersstraat were invited to participate in ‘Open Deuren’. About 600 addressen received a call which resulted in 94 locations.’/
De Leener, Hugo /location 82/
Demasure, Krist /installation window; location 38/
De Morgen Article about ‘Open Deuren’, Art from door to door, with a picture of a work by Marc >De Clercq: ‘Photoproject Marc De Clercq: Caroline, Seger and Marie’. “Institutions of contemporary art that break out of their isolation, it is something the people of Ghent have seen before. Ten years after, Chambres d’Amis from the Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst is still the reference point. Vzw Croxhapox, a still young association in the Ghent burough of Sint-Amandsberg reached out to the neighbours during this and next weekend  .” A review by Eric Bracke. 
De Neef, Dirk /installation window; location 37/ Solo project in 1995 (crox 26); installation window in 1996 (crox 48). 
De Prez, Peter /wood sculptures; location 64/
Dept, Veronique /Mathilde’s Open Boek; works by Laure, Rebecca and Jakob; location 43/
Depuydt, Piet /letters; location 14/
de Roder, Vincent /paintings; location 92/ >WELD, project with Jan >Wiels (crox 194, Nov-Dec 2006). crox-card NR 18.
Deruyck, Tine /location 63/
De Smet, Teresa /drawings; location 67/ Extra an a capella concert, three voices, with Chris Decraemer and Martine Huvenne.

De Timmerman, Mario /location 10/
Devens, Zjuul /open deur; location 22/ 'The corridor is a lock, a buffer between the outside world and their cocoon. It veils the world for others. I only see a projection of that world and that projection becomes clearer when the corridor passes its veils: the last veil is a projection screen and shows images of an intimacy in which I don't belong.' (fragment from the brochure text) Installation window January 1996 (crox 37). Solo project in 1998 (crox 87).

De Vocht, Benedikte /location 55/
De Vocht, Erik /with many thanks/  
De Vocht, Judith /location 55/
De Vocht, Laurens /location 55/
De Vos, Charlotte /location 91/
De Vos, Ignace /paintings; location 41/ Solo project in 1998 (crox 79). Crox-cards 15 & 16.
Devos, Luc >Doorway Rock (solo performance)
De Vos, Suzanne /location 91/
Dewindt, Peter /photo’s; location 27/
D’hondt, Lieve /location 78/ Solo project in 1999 (crox 95). Installation window in 2004 (crox 124). Takes part in both editions of Basics 2 (2005/2006) and Brainbox (2006). Crox-card NR 40.
D’Hondt, Mieja /location 73/ Text from the brochure: ‘Yasmina, s’éloigne, femme noire qui porte en elle tous les rêves d’hommes et leurs chagrins aussi’.
Doorway Rock /location 70: in concert only on Sunday 6 October, 2pm till 7.30pm
Duportaille, Walter /ceramics; location 71/
Eeckman, Luc & Christine /people from the neighbourhood; location 19/ Interview with Luc Eeckman in a review in De Gentenaar: “What's positive about this project is that all art forms get equal opportunities because the neighbours can participate themselves or they can invite an artist. So there will be watercolours next to video installations. What one person calls art isn't art for somebody else and an initiative like this one stimulates the discussion. The project doesn't only serve to confront the people of the quarter with art, at the same time it stimulates the feeling of being part of this locality. People learn to know eachother and even those who don't participate are interested in what is happening." 
Favoreel, Ann /wall painting; location 7/
Februtte, Louis /location 77/

Frituur Cathy /sponsor/
Fryns, Martin /location 74/
Galerie Gérald (F) /performance; location 94/ Adresse: non communicable.
Ghyselen, Yves /location 79/
Ginger & Fred /to let; location 87, an installation window/
Griffel (De) /newsagent; location 1/
Het Volk /review/ Proxhapox brings art to the people. Not only the funniest - because of the typo - but undoubtedly also the most popular review. The picture is a portrait of Jules Sierens, owner of the local grocers', who also has contributed the eyecatcher of the article : “Creating something with tights, would that be cabaret?”
Hoflack, Marc /photo’s; location 83/
Huvenne, Martine >De Smet
Jacquet, Alexandra /location 31/
Jacobs, Carl /drawings & paintings; location 19/
Jacobs, Rieke /and Wim Schrauwen; location 44/
Janssens, Christine >BBC
Kamikaze /concert in the basement of Aannemersstraat 54/
Kizumi /Window with a point of view; location 66/
Korzakov /la vie privée de Korzakov; location 55/ paintings.
Lanoye, Caroline /location 84/
Lauwaert, Beatrijs /location 59/ drawings.
Lein, Peter /drawings; location 93/
Machariusschool /children's works from the workshop of Johan Vanneste; location 90/ Crox 25 (1995) shows more or less the same selection.
Maenhout, Fred >Doorway Rock
Marion /ceramics; location 72/
Maris, Bart >Kamikaze >Doorway Rock (duo with Filip Wauters)
McDonald’s /Dendermondse Steenweg branch: sponsor/
Minne, Luc /paintings & drawings; location 15/
Mistiaen, Thomas /photo’s; location 39/
Moeyersoons, Johan /wall painting; location 7/
Moon >Doorway Rock (concert)
Naessens, Marc >Perquy
Noordstarfonds /sponsor/
Pannecoucke, Odette /glass in lead: ‘pour faire le portrait d’un oiseau’; location 42/
Paridaen, Merlyn >Blue Orbit
Paridaen, Sjoerd /location 50/ First crox-solo in 1991. Participates in meetings, a.o. w/r/t Signos (1991-1992). Participates in the first edition of the copy art project (1991). Second solo project in 1996. Then becomes a member of the crox-team. current chairman of the board of croxhapox VZW. Other crox-projects: crox 82 & crox 133 (mail art; shop windows with Hans van Heirseele); crox 18 & crox 42 (shop windows with Erik Lagrain). Basics 145-II (second edition in Abdij Maagdendale/ 2006). Collectie 1, mail art project in the cube space (2006). Crox-cards 11 & 12. Crox multiple in an edition of 50 with Hans >van Heirseele (2002).
Peers, Dirk /location 3/ Crox-projecten in 1994, 1996 en 1998. Hommage in 2004, collabroation with Galerij Jan Colle and In Den Bouw.
Perquy, Katrien /in collaboration; location 75/ >Naessens
Popova, Rumiana (Roemenië) /checkpoint belgium (proverovecen punkt belgia); location 26/
Provinciale Uitleendienst /with support of/
Psychiatrisch centrum Caritas /group work; location 33/
Raaijmakers, Ije /installation window at location 1/
Schols, Bart /art & parties: venue 6/
Schrauwen, Wim >Jacobs
Schweiger, Fabian >Doorway Rock (concert) First solo concert in croxhapox during opening night of crox 31 (Antje Dorn, 1995).
Serie, Sarah /location 29/
Siemerink, Mieke /wall painting; location 62/
Sierens, Jules >Het Volk
Simoen, Peter /graphic work; location 49/
Sint-Joris Merendree /printing brochure; sponsor/
Slangen, Bart /location 45/
Slock, Lucy /paintings; location 46/
Stad Gent /project subsidy/
Suykens, Carien /location 35/
Suykens, Geert /location 30; construction works at Bouwmeesterstraat 33/
Suykens, Guido /location 32/
Suykens, Hilde /location 36/
van /concept & coördination/
Van Belleghem, Bram /standby/
Van Bogaert, Philip /coördination/
Van Camp, Els /the art table; location 13/
Vandamme, Koen /work in situ; location 11/
Vandekerkhove, Karien /work in garden shed of Aannemersstraat 179; location 2/ Solo projects in 1998 and 2005. Crox-card NR 13.
Vandenberg, Philippe /paintings; location is croxhapox/ Review De Gentenaar, photo. In 1999 project with Sylvain Cosijns and publication of ‘De Boodschapper’ ['The Messenger'] (limited edition). Also participates in ‘Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch’ (crox 70), Basics 1 (crox 110) and the first edition of Basics 2 (crox 145-I).
Vandenbossche, Danny /opening speech/
Vandeplassche, Guy /performance; location 5/
Vanderhaegen, Koen /paintings; location 51/
Van Dijck, Siene >Bultinck
Van Looy, Anna /performance & installation; venue 88/
Van Maanen, Ron >Siemerink
Vanneste, Johan >Machariusschool
Van Roy, Johan crox 50 /basement>Aannemersstraat 54/ Participates later on in the first edition of Basics 2 (2005).
Van Vlierberghe, Marc /location 43; >Dept/
Vasic, Zorica /helps constructing the work by Rumiana >Popova/
Verbeken, Pascal >Doorway Rock /programmation & coördination/
Vercaemer, Koen /work in situ; location is the local grocer's / review Het >Volk, photo/
Vermeulen, Philippe /location 65/
Virtual Poetry >BBC
Vlerick, Erwin /location 23/
Wauters, Filip >Doorway Rock (duo with Bart Maris) >Kamikaze

Reflections by way of evaluation. Contemporary art struggles with a problem of communication. The problem is inherent in the phenomenon itself: only the circle of insiders - in the Flemish part of the country at most a few thousand – have sufficient background knowledge to follow the evolution of the discourse.  But there is a different way to think of it: there are pigeon flyers and small shopowners who keep counting their money because they can't think of anything else; and there are barge masters whom you don't have to explain the Neckar in Trier and artists and art lovers who know very well wat Duchamp's urinal means. We live by categories that follow a certain code. 
This is the essential concept of ‘Open Doors’. For that reason alone one can conclude that ‘Open Doors’ has nothing whatsoever in common with ‘Chambres d’Amis’: ‘Chambres d’Amis’ followed the logic of the urinal, ‘Open Doors’ the logic of discourse. >Brainbox (2006) is in a sense an introverted and reflexive version of ‘Open Doors’, introverted because it happens within the reach of  the discourse used by artists: it is an answer that brings up questions which are not always clearly answerable.