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There is an audience or public for contemporary art - not the large masses that count for media ratings and viewing figures but a real audience, and that audience is less alienated from what is actually happening in the arts than what the minions or the counting fathers of the dismal media ratings economy can imagine.  

On the other hand, if the contemporary scene wants to communicate, it has to communicatie with people and stop regurgitating the formalistic diktats of the introspective incrowd which reduce the level of communication to practically non-existent.
'...maybe,' fulminates C. Van Eecke in a recent edition of Rekto-Verso, 'we should take out conceptual art out of the museum and put its objects in a category of their own. Not-art, non-philosophy, ...' In the inner circle the failure to communicate has become more or less the modus vivendi, but that is not the last word on contemporary art nor on 'das Publikum'.