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/1/ Dardai Szusza (Hongarije). Second edition of the Copy Art project. DS's work shows all Shakespeare's sonnets, xeroxed on foil and thoroughly scrambled. 


/2/ Opening speech crox 40. Syllabic translation of Shakespeare's third sonnet. 'Look at thy face and tell the face thou viewest' gets translated as 'look in mijn glas en tel de drollen die ge ziet' [garlic in my glass and count the turds that you see.].


/3/ Although it has no direct connection with the activities of croxhapox, there is an indirect relation: in 1996 a translation of the sonnets was published by publishing house P. The translation or transcomposition was done by Guido De Bruyn, co-founder of  Croxhapox VZW. 

A similar indirect connection: on March 16, 1990 (when croxhapox started, out of the blue) Guido De Bruyn was doing a documentary at NTG [city theatre of Ghent]. The play was a Shakespeare and directed by Dirk Tanghe. So Guido was in Ghent for some time and in the evening he took the opportunity to drop by at Hans's place.

The tale of that visit can be found under the letter C of croxhapox and the B of begin.


/4/ Philippe Vandenberg's work, 'De Graver' [The Digger'], published in 'De Boodschapper' (1999), evokes the famous scene from Hamlet op, though it is a Hamlet himself who takes the role of the gravedigger.