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Vandenberg, Philippe

crox 51, Open Deuren (1996).
crox 70, Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch (1997).
crox 81, mail art installation window (1998). A mail art from the correspondence with Hans van Heirseele.
crox 96, DE BOODSCHAPPER [THE MESSENGER]. Project in collaboration with Sylvain Cosijns (1999).
Publication of DE BOODSCHAPPER (1999). /sold out/
crox 110, BASICS 1 (2003). Drawings, sketches, studies. Two drawings from the collection of Galerie Foncke.
crox 145, BASICS 2. (2005).
Directs the first solo project by Romanian artist Florin Buta (2005).
croxcard 61: drawing (ce que je peux) (2007)
croxcard 62: drawing (terminé) (2007)
crox 229, L'important c'est le kamikaze (2007). Book presentation and film: 'La lettre au nègre' by Les Frères Zarakoff.
crox 247, Black a garden for St. John's Millbrook. Solo project and book publication (2008).
crox-book n°8: Black a garden for St. John's Millbrook (2008)

From a letter to Karel Dierickx (10 May 1998): 'A painting is an exercise in being born, so an exercise in dying; each time when I attack the canvas I come into being and I expire, there is no greater comfort, no greater love, no greater astonishment.'