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De Morgen

crox 22 Herr Seele > October 1994/ article
Eric >Bracke

36+37 Niblock-Brand-Devens >
January1996/ review Luk >Lambrecht

crox 51 open deuren [open doors] > September
1996/ review Eric >Bracke

crox 70 painting contemporary Belgian > November
1997/ review Luk >Lambrecht

overview 1997 January 1998/ article
Luk Lambrecht

Seele in croxhapox-format
1999/ review LVDS

94+95 Wendy Hirschberg, Lieve
D'hondt/ review Lambrecht

crox 96 Philippe Vandenberg, Sylvain Cosijns/ review
C. Vuegen

crox 96 Philippe
Vandenberg, Sylvain Cosijns/ Eric >Bracke

In the
new millenium De Morgen [one of two Dutch language Belgian ‘quality’
newspapers] apparently is interested only in mainstream and museum projects. Organisations
such as Voorkamer or Croxhapox no longer seem to be worthwhile. Ironically, in
the mid nineties projects by Borremans and De Cock weren’t even reviewed; De
Cock and Borremans weren’t sufficiently famous. De Morgen wasn’t
interested. Nowadays, if one calls the culture desk,
they even haven’t heard of Croxhapox. Logical, De Morgen is by now nothing more
or even less than the semi-intellectual equivalent of Het Nieuwsblad [Dutch
language Belgian tabloid].

of De Morgen), 27 January 1999. I
arrive when no one in their right mind would even consider visiting a gallery.
Eventually, the door is open, as it probably is all day. From the back of the
back kitchen comes the voice of someone who apparently is taking a late quick
breakfast. Pleased to meet you. The person I greet is the spit image
of Herr Seele. You couldn’t have expected otherwise…