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Predemocratic Republic

Predemocratic Republic

crox 108, Stefaan Dheedene: Ambassy of the
Predemocratic Republic (November 2003). First crox-project by Stefaan Dheedene.

The Ambassy of the Predemocratic Republic was housed
in Onderstraat at number 26. The African Republic, an archipelago of islets in the
Gulf of Guinea, offers itself for sale. The official sales billboard (in
Belgium drawn up by a notary) contains sales conditions generally analogous
with the conditions for the sale of Sabena, the former Belgian national
airline. Apart from he billboard - in the compulsory black on yellow - SD also
designed a flag and an emblem. The concept also includes a predemocratic website
(which he fails to finalise because of a lack of time and money) and a
predemocratic telephone number.

MR. THOMAS FUWELL NKOA, Diplomatic plenipotentionary
for the predemocratic Republic in Belgium - tel. 0494/345 872 -
thomas_fuwell_nkoa [at] yahoo.com

ARCHIPELAGO of more than 300 islands (Tot. 501 860
km2) at the Gulf of Guinea (2°N 4°E). Inhabitants 11.948.719.

(Image: to the left, archipelago overview; most
westernly islands Mbalma-Piere and Njombel - Mbalma-Piere also being the most
northern islet; South of Njombel is Suza, to the East of which are Sangmelimo
and Perill, more eastern still Kousseri (the largest island in the group) and
Nigri-Pez; the most southern group is Doumo (1st North of the Equator) - To the
left, an outline of the African Continent and the precise location of the


Subsequent conditions and prerequisites herewith
outlined in general are at all times to be considered as vital and
unquestionable for the actual and future governors and executives of the
aforementioned Predemocratic Republic and should consequently be addressed at
all times when showing interest for supplication to overtake economic and
political power of the aforementioned Predemocratic Republic in view of the
prospect of the forenamed plenipotentionary to concede power solely in exchange
of cash. Conditions and requisites being numbered 1 (one) to 7 (seven)
consecutively and without omission, should be taken as a whole and without

1. Unconditional acceptance of 12.2 billion US dollars
(twelve billion and two hundred million) of external debts with the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) not withstanding or exempting the extra
necessary inputs and guarantees and key terms of bidding for a genuine and
durable takeover of political and economical sovereignty.

2. Proffering proof of political and economical
ability and competence to execute the transaction and to complete the proposed
plans for economic and political governance.

3. Proffering plans of integration of your
organisation into the Predemocratic Republic and the potential state revenues
following from aforementioned takeover.

4. Proof of extent of sufficient and appropriate
diligence and gesture performed by yourselves preceding the writing up of a
final agreement.

5. All significant contractual obligations and
material uncertainties regarding your organisation, whether judicial,
regulatory or financial, must of necessity be exposed in writing to the plenipotentiary
of the Predemocratic Republic before the write-up of the final agreement.

6. All significant internally or externally necessary
confirmations should be fulfilled and ratified in advance of the finally gained

7. Formal acknowledgment that all stakeholders and
stakes involved in aforementioned procedure of takeover are and will be in all
stages of understood procedure be in agreement with all applicable regulations
concerning money laundering.

Further information available at the office of the plenipotentiary

Any and every one in possession of official proof of
identity and/or citizenship of either of the EU Nation-States is allowed to
start the procedure. Companies, whether limited or unlimited, should avail of
the coordinated statures and well-published documents detailing the extent of
authorisations of the executives. No terms for starting or finalising the
procedure are imposed.