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Saura, Lucia Flores (ES)

crox 103, PASA PASA ESTA ES TU CASA. A project by Marta Vera (ESP), Sonia Almeida (POR) and Lucia Saura.
Few data are available about this intervention which only lasted one weekend anyway. One of the few indicators is this short left behind message: “Kristel: You had to go. Thank you for everything. You know that you always can call us. We would like to know how much we have to pay for the drinks. I leave the keys here. Bye bye!”
Sjoerd says: “They were Erasmus students, all three drie. They had to present their work and I proposed to do it in Croxhapox. That's the reason why the project lasted only one weekend.”

In 2006 Lucia Saura joins the web team. She becomes in charge of the crox-site and also looks after the mailings. Designs the third version of the crox site, online from early 2006 till early January 2010. In the current and fourth site /online from Sunday 17 January 2010/ only one element of Lucia's design remains: the blue rectangles in the upper left corner.