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Lezaire, Christophe

crox 146, juni–juli 2005. Solo presentation, together with part of the display of BASICS 2.
crox 232, October 2007. Recent works, assembled in a series of small paintings and a group of 3 large ones. Especially in the smaller works, two of which are published as croxcards, Christophe Lezaire realises an astonishing texture and an unparalleled sophistication - related to the work of Johan De Wilde for that matter - turning each canvas into a small masterpiece. The painting is only let loose and set free when it has reached a pictorial completeness and when the refined technicity and the impact of the image have become one.  
Plasters on his own the walls of what is known as the 'large room'. Member of the crox team from September 2007; also sits on the selection committee or the artistic advisory group. 
crox 277, 23 oktober 9 november 2008. BRAINBOX 2. Unit 2: Christophe Lezaire, Marina Yee, Stijn Van Dorpe.
crox 299, April May 2009. ZENNESTRAAT 17a RUE SENNE, Brussel. A cluster of solo presentations: Christophe Lezaire, Johan De Wilde, Marc Coene, Alda Snopek and Steffie Van Cauter.
crox 439, May June 2013. A cluster of solo presentations, combining work by Alda Snopek, Aivan Adriaens, Fiona Mackay, Wouter Feyaerts, Sofie Van der Linden and Christophe Lezaire.
crox 549, October November 2017. Duo presentation at Zilverhof 34 with Johan De Wilde. Release of two sets of 8 postcards.
crox 580, december 2018. FOOD MATTERS. Group show on the 3d floor of the old library. A wall with a set of objects.
crox 584, FOOD MATTERS the book. 2019.
crox-cards :
card 39 - Charte (2006)
card 47 - reprint of NR 39
card 48 - Congratulations (2005)