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Eeckman, Luc

Open Doors, Autmn 1996. VV, De Gentenaar, 28/29 September 1996 - Heirnis gives artists space:


Luc Eeckman, one of the people living in Heirnis who, via Croxhapox, lets an artist work in his house: The positive thing is that all art formes get an equal chance because the neighbours can participate themselves or invite an artist to their homes.  Watercolours will be next to video-installations. What one thinks is art, may not be art for somebody else and an initiative like this will help stimulate the debate. 


The project is niet only a confrontation with art for the community members, it stimulates the community feeling at the same time. People learn to now eachother better, the ones who don't participate are also interested in what is going to happen. At the same time the project has a tinge of voyeurism. It isn't obvious to let people you don't know at all into your home. You easily get tempted to give the hallway an fresh bit of paint. Certainly in my case, as an architect living in a house where a lot of things still have to be fixed, this is a sensitive point.