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De Vos, Ignace

crox 17-I, Copy Art project (1991).

crox 51, Open Doors (1996).

crox 70, Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch (1997).

crox 79, solo project (1999).

Publication of croxcards Nrs 15 & 16 (1999).

crox 104, the first 10 (2000).


One of the very first visitors, when Croxhapox still resided at Beverhoutplein.

Participates in crox 17 copy art project - his work is the photocopied reproduction of a drawing - and Open Doors (crox 51), with a number of paintings this time. Also present in Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch (crox 70).  

A solo follows in 1998 (crox 79), reviewed by Edith Doove (De Standaard, 17 juni 1998): SCHRIFTUUR. Ignace De Vos has fir years been developing a painting signature of his own. In it, aan een bepaal he is reflecting on the American tradition which for him is still meaningful. The paintings he presents in Croxhapox, show De Vos' well known pattern. He places his cloudlike structures on top of eachother in broad horizontal and vertical swathes. The process takes a long time in which De Vos strives for a certain balance. I caught myself feeling the mesmerizing effect of several of his paintings. The strong layering and the surprising shades of colour are an invitation for a more thorough inspection.

Over the years De Vos has been working in a more transparent way. Paint is usually applied in very thin layers, but sometimes he covers his canvases with a solid layer. The original setup remains visible right through it. Two uniform canvases function here as a counterpoint. They have become closed images, making one wonder what is hidden under the pistachio green or black.  

for his abstractions, De Vos usually starts from figurative images.