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Defrancq, Evert

crox 110, BASICS 1, November-December 2003. Plus minus 200 drawings of all in all 25 artists. Evert has a series of 70 digitalprints, thee embyronic phase of the solo project he shows at the end of 2005. In January 2004 crox 112, Window One, an installation at the usual location, Onderstraat 26.

Participates in the first edition of BASICS 2 (crox 145). SPACE! follows in the same year, a solo presentation in the front in the largest space. He is present again in 2006, first in the sequel to BASICS 2 in Abbey Maagdedale, later in the Brainbox project, second stage, in collaboration with Carlo Mistiaen and Thomas Bogaert.

Evert manipulates the clay cube Anton Cotteleer had put on the small bLAck table on top of the ytong sculpture and truns it into a cloudlike mass. the end product of his intervention is a short b/w film showing the process of mutation and projected at a side of the ytong sculpture. 

Participates in the second edition of Brainbox (2008-2009), eleventh and last unit, in collabroation with Adriaan Verwée and Dirk Zoete.

BRAINBOX 1 - unit 2 /fragment of a text/

Saturday 7 October 2006, 15:25 > 15:30 /day 37/

Evert sprays the clay. Evert sprinkles the top of, the side, the inside of, the outside. 

The ... (noun) is a ... (adjective) and good animal.
The mass of clay behaves as. (replace by: acts as if)

Say ‘hello Evert’.

(murmuring voice) ‘Hello Evert.’

The sound installation ...(verb) deafeningly loud. Chokes the small talk of a ... (number of visitors). She speaks French:
‘Elle a un chocolat.’ He speaks English:
‘She has a chocolat.’

Evert shakes the ... (object) over the clay sculpture. All of it, to the last drop.
Having finished this he leaves the main room.  
In the corridor, the text ‘elle a un chocolat’ lights up.
Evert doesn't return.

Mass of clay. Lumbering. Sits. Married couple. Sprinkler.