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Onderbeke, Tim

One member of the fascinating GM collective, a group of artists from a.o. Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium. The group originted at the end of the nineties in Marseille after a meeting between Pieter Bauters and Gregory Decock. Gregory (crox 213, May-June 2007), who now lives in Brussels, is le président fondateur. Later on a whole bunch of young artists joined the GM group, one of them Tim Onderbeke.

November 2006, crox 194-III. Film projection in the white space; digitised version of a 16mm film. The film show the artist navigating small teleguided cars equipped with an upright pencil across a large sheet of paper. Nico Sall adds a sound installation. Tim Onderbeke is also at number 1 on the chart of ‘on short notice’: on Tuesday dropping in at crox and already in the spotlights on Saturday. Next to Tim Onderbeke, Gregory Decock is the second member of GM (read: J'Aime) who surprises with a sparkling project in croxhapox. He puts a display in the media space, titled 'Un style et les gants'.