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Denys, Ward

BRAINBOX - unit 3 /fragment of text/

15:00 /day 40/
johan de wilde, peter morrens, ward denys (unit 3)

Johan and Ward are in the main space. They are waiting for Peter.
The from dark atmospheres plucked bald skeleton of brainbox unit 2 remains in the room. It takes the appearance of a wharf where nothing has happened for a long time. The Bauer film apparatus has been removed. 

‘If only that part would get painted today...’ Johan volunteers .

Basically it's a trifle: tomorrow they will have all kinds of tools available and then they can have a go at it.

Somebody connected a fan to the circuit of the sound installation.
‘Does Peter put that fan...?’ is what this author wants to know.
‘No,’ says Johan, ‘that’s mine. But I'll take it away in a minute.’

Ward and Johan move to the storage space in the back of the white room and check the available timber.
The passage is cleared. What could they do with the timber? Is there enough? Is it ok? 
The warden[1] has an anouncement to make. Actual acknowledgment concerns the fact that a part of the supply of timber, specified herewith, cannot by any means or for any reasons or goals however honourable be employed  in the envisaged constructing activities: this is Sjoerd's axiom. ‘I didn't know Sjoerd had an axiom,’ Johan remarks dryly.
‘Oh yes, the Sjoerd Axiom...’ The warden grins sheepishly.
Meanwhile Peter phoned in to say he was on his way.  Maybe ten minutes, is what Johan surmises.

Johan and Ward cross the room and climb the steps to the roof.  

‘Well, yes...,’ says Ward, after they have been deliberating one and the other. He descends the stairs and journeys to the entrance. Reappears in a whisker. A tape measure, is what they need. 
After some time, footsteps resound and enter: Peter. 

,Hey, hi.’

This author digresses on a lapsus tipa [typo] in one of the previous fragments: "ferntable" instead of "turntable". ‘I honestly turned it into a ferntable, can you imagine,' he says. [original Dutch: plantendraaier iso platendraaier]
‘Ferntable is a lovely word,’ opiniates Peter. He ascends the stairs to the solarium.
Johan hurries down the stairs, cuts swiftly through the room towards the storage and takes off his raincoat. There is some noise  in the storage room. When he reappears he holds two tile laths. 
‘Lend a hand?’
He nods no. ‘We gonna check...,’ he expletes.

What are they up to? There are voices, thumping, than silence, and the smart sound of the tape measure and an mumbling voice. ‘OK,’ says someone. Than a crescendo and again, for a few moments, silence.

This author takes a look at the roof. The laths cross the oblong pit. Peter, Johan and Ward discuss how they could take the mdf – 20mm mdf plates – upstairs.

Halved, proposes Ward.


[1] Here un unintentional but nice play on words between Ward and warden occurs. Warning that the Warden is not Ward neither is Ward to be warded - hehe.