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Sierens, Jules

Jules and Annie run a grocery shop in Aannemersstraat. In 1996 they allowed Croxhapox to use their shop window for the Open Deuren project. >Vercaemer. CGG, Het Volk (September 1996): "I don't know anything about art, says Jules Sierens. Now and then I see something on telly, but that's it. Basically I'm in it out of curiosity. That becomes quite clear as soon as he explains what's going to happen. The people of Croxhapox gave us the choice. We could do something ourselves, or we could invite an acquaintance or we let Croxhapox decide. Because I don't have a clue, I chose for the last option. For Jules the project is a big discovery trip. I have been explaining all week to my customers that there will be something like 'cabaret' [The Dutch word 'klainkunst', meaning cabaret or comedy literally means 'small art', note of the translator]. I've got no idea what 'kleinkunst' is. Some artists gonna make an installation with tins. Is that 'kleinkunst'? he asks. I will only get the wiser from it. It's only normal I don't know anything about it. An artist wouldn't know how to run a shop, would he?