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Vandenbussche, Leentje

Waiting for
GodotWaiting for Godot [original title in Dutch: Wachten op GodotWachten op Godot]

from the
manual: After the first round the letters are coloured white so the structure of the text remains./

The colour pattern emphasises some primary words of Waiting for Godot such as shoe and hat which clearly refer to slapstick and the classic phrases such as let's go and we are waiting for godot./ 

Both bring forth and emphasise the importance Beckett gives to rhythm and his preference for less is more./

The legend is: grey = pause, red = help, bright blue = shoe, pink = hat, terre verte = tree, yellow = I'm leaving, dark blue = let's go , green = I don't know, black = we are waiting for Godot./

The score for barrel organ follows the same principles.