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Van Meerssche, Jos

Van Meerssche's work is characterised by a hyper-expressionistic brutality. Nobody else could have painted those works; at he same time it is an oeuvre that doesn't go with the flow of modernisms or similar ism-less delicacies. Without openly flirting with the oeuvre of the French-Polish Jew, the work is connected to Soutine's - an extremely urgent expression not driven but anything than the love of painting.  

crox 110, BASICS 1 - 2003. Drawings.
crox 116, solo project - March 2004. Paintings.
crox 160, solo project - December 2005. Paintings.

crox160 Jos Van Meerssche IMG_1865crox160 Jos Van Meerssche IMG_1869
crox 160 (2005). photos: MC

Verzamelwoede (2007).
From 2004 to 2009 member of the general assembly.