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Savic-Gecan, Tomo (Cro)

Croatian artist living in Amsterdam and participating in a 1997 Kask project called 'Vurige Tongen' [Tongues of Fire] and arrives at croxhapox via Sjoerd Paridaen's intervention. 

crox 65 (May 1997) is an in sotu work.  Tomo constructs a wall-high and wall-wide glass partition in the basement.

See >correspondence. In 1999, at the end of the Aannemersstraat period, Tomo has an interesting proposal. The projact never takes shape.  


Sjoerd Paridaen about crox 65: “Tomo put a glass pane between the front and the back spaces. Afterwards the pane was cut into four parts; Merlyn used one of the quarts to make a glass table. A visitor sat on the table, it broke and one of the shards pierced Merlyn’s leg; they borrowed my car and on the way to the doctor they ran out of petrol. And I had paid four damn hundred francs, to get that pane cut in four.”