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Paridaen, Merlyn

Percussionist of Memaz (a jazz combo of five) and The Singing Painters. Brilliant performance during the opening night of crox 92/93, trio with Adriaan on soprano sax and bass clarinet + Mathias Van De Wiele guitar.

At the drums on Naptime, the frist cd release of Moker.


crox 110 - BASICS 1 (2003). Brings in some ten drawings and edits the booklet as an hommage to Barry White bedoeld is.

SPACE IS THE PLACE (2001-2004), small scale exhibitions at the location where croxhapox VZW restarted in 1994, the basement of Aannemersstraat 54. Projects by Adriaan Verwée, Sylvie Duhamel, Thomas Lerooy, Ann Vandersleyen and Merlyn himsel. The initiative comes to an end in 2005.
Fundamental role in the Memaz combo: drums. Talented percusionist with a multi-rhythmic feeling. Memorable performance in March 1999, opening night of crox 92 and crox 93. Always at his best when he's behind the drums. One of the three tenors of The Singing Painters. Adds a sure and solid jazzy foundation to The Singing Painters through his swing.
In croxhapox Merlyn presents himself as an artist for the first time in Basics 1 (2003): Drawings, sketches, studies. At the same time group projects with a.o. Evert >Defrancq and Adriaan Verwée, one in Ternat, another at a place run by Mastenbroek. Selecteerd for the project in the Palmarium (May 2005) by Philippe Van Cauter. Collaborator of crox since Summer 2006.


crox 210 - solo project: PRINCIPIUM (April-May 2007).