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Decorte, Wouter

The first project Wouter participates in is BASICS 1 (crox 110), at the end of 2003, with a series of technical drawings on drawing paper.  

In 2005 follows an installation window in Onderstraat and participates in both editions of BASICS 2 (crox 145), like BASICS 1 focused on processes of thought and work. In this case starting with the idea of 3D.  

In 2007 he presents 'Pliable Landscape' [Plooibaar Landschap] (crox 200) a modular sulpture made espacially for the space of crox3.

Publication of "Uchronie" - originally planned for the end of February 2007 - under preparation.

Plooibaar Landschap > croxcard 54.