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Smith, Patricia (US)

crox 28, June 1995. Dark paintings (resembling x-rays) and fragile shadow
images. The inventory of the exhibition says: SUBTLE BODY SERIES (1994-1995)/
acrylic on rubber/ 127 x 55,5cm/ nr 1/ nr 2/ nr 3/ nr 4/ UNTITLED SERIES
(1995)/ acrylic, thread on fabric/ nr 1 ribs 75 x 63cm/ nr 2 lungs 65 x 55cm/
nr 3 pelvis 70 x 65cm/ nr 4 kidneys 80 x 60cm.


The text in the invitation, written by the artist, is enlarged so much it extends beyond the margins of the page: The ghostly images in acrylic paint on stretched rubber evo/ /socations with x-rays of body parts. But these images ref/ /t so much to the physical body as to an ethereal body, t/ /sterious unseen components of the self. The rubber of t/ /pport is in itself a skin and also brings sexuel referenc/ /the work. The paintings are hung to engage the body of t/ /ewer, encouraging an experience of the work beyond the visu/


Dark Night, Ed. A.I.R. Gallery, NY 1994.


Opening speech:
Fritz Van Den Heuvel.