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De Neef, Dirk

crox 26, solo project - March 1995. Photos.

crox 48, installation window (Onderstraat 26) - June 1996.

crox 51, Open Deuren - Autumn 1996.

Introduces Patricia Smith (US) and Antje Dorn (D). Both have solo projects in 1995. Via the first one, a.o. Thomas Broadbent comes to Belgium, in 1996, via the second, Thomas Hauser (1997), Gosbert Adler (1996), Thomas Böing (1999-2006) a,d Stu Mead (2004).

DDN takes care of the ectachromes of the works in the second and third series of crox cards (1998-1999).

>Urk Piw - opening speech of crox 26