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De Clercq, Marc

crox 51 (Open Deuren/photos), Autumn 1996. Eric Bracke, De Morgen 27 September 1996: *We print one of the works of Marc De Clercq allongside this article. The photographer registered the spontaneous behaviour in the inner circle of a family in the Wolterslaan. His life-sized pictures will be presented there at number 101 during Open Deuren. De Clercq counts on the special tension between the images and the particular, exceptional behaviour of Caroline, Seger and Marie when they are host to unknown visitors.  

crox 78 (1998). Photo project with Frederik Cornelis and Anja Hellebaut. Marc produces some four B/W picture cards, among which one with a work by Frederik and one by Anja.

crox 188, Brainbox (2006). Track 2. MDC produces a portrait photo from each artist participating in the project. He uses a technical camera. From unit 3 he starts documenting the project itself.  

Joins the General assembly in 2007 and gets elected a member of the Board  some months afterwards, together with lknur Cegniz and Marc Coene. Member from the board from 2007 to 2012.

Early April 2007 publication of crox cards 51 and 52 documenting the 6th Brainbox unit.

crox 411 (2012), a project on 3gender photography & film. Between the Lines. Triptych with Tiane Doan Na Champassak, Max Pinckers/Quinten De Bruyn and Hijra's, Indian 3d Gender, Man nor Woman, MDC's part of the project, shown in the backspace. A dance performance of Laura Neyskens during the opening night. Coproduction Tra Mundi/croxhapox, supported by Stad Gent and Cavaria.

left to right: Marc De Clercq, Max Pinckers/Quinten De Bruyn, Tiane Doan Na Champassak (flyer produced by MDC)