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D'hondt, Lieve

INTIMACY VERSUS CRASH [INTIMITEIT VERSUS CRASH] - Luk Lambrecht, De Morgen 23 April 1999. Galerie Croxhapox in Ghent keeps up a devellish pace with one new exhibition a month. This time, Croxhapox driving force and artist Hans van Heirseele presents two ensembles in counterpoint. The work of American artist Wendy Hirschberg (°1955) is one of them and consists of smallish, rather 'nice' and traditionally presented assemblages. --- Different and a lot better is the show by Ghent artist Lieve D'hondt (°1963). It consists of a series of magnificent collages and drawings referring to a continuous recycling of images. They originate in her quite large oeuvre and are combined with material from popular magazines. Centrally to her exhibition is a silent video where the sentences 'What about time' and 'What about silence' appear over and over again. The harsh whiteimageless stills in between the sentences she considers to be just a light, a lamp, or simply a white screen. In a corner of the room is a chair where one can reflect on the meaning of those eloquent, 'minimal' phrases./ D'hondt's production doesn't aim at spectacular experiences but lets so to speak implode a wide range of images, resulting in an epos about her art and about worldly things like swimming pools or hotel rooms. She sticks copied sequences from previous video works on large sheets, nicely lined up like a new concatenation of b/w images. In this way, she creates a distance between this and her artistic past./ This strategy even becomes more clear in those pieces where she shows schematical reductions of video images as drawings with a touch of pseudo science. D'hondt analyses and registers very precisely and thematically what she sees in her videos. She combines that information with words or fragments of words.  Art is about codes - it is fascinating to explore these codes and sometimes even to crack them./ One of her most astounding works is a drawing which is meant to become an impressive wall painting. A large metal plate then turns into the carrier of a transparant perspex wing which unfolds in space like a book. Six red shapes around that work emphasize its spatiality. A quote on the magnificent drawing speaks to anyone's imagination: 't was certain because of the distance. In these works D'hondt testifies to her talent for reaching subtle layers of meaning with a minimum of means. (LL)

crox 51, OPEN DEUREN (1996). A venue in Toekomststraat.
crox 95, drawings and video collages (1999). Review Luk Lambrecht (DM) [see above]. The other solo presentation, in the basement, is a project by Wendy Hirschberg (US).
crox 124, installation window (2004). Location: Onderstraat 26.
crox 145-I, BASICS 2 (2005). ==>still life
crox 145-II, BASICS 2 (2006). Sequel abbey Maagededale, Oudenaarde.
crox-card nr 40, Ki (2006).
crox 188, BRAINBOX unit 5. With Pieter Vermeersch and Eva-Maria Bogaert. Reviews in H-art and Zone 09.