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Schwarz, Hartwig (D)

crox 83, solo project - September 1998. Review Edith Doove:

TEXAANS LICHT - De Standaard, Wednesday 9 September 1998. "As usual Croxhapox starts its season with two exhibitions. German artists Holger Nickisch and Hartwig Schwarz coincidentally come from the Ruhr area, but that is where the similarity stops. Especially Nickisch --- ( )/ Hartwig Schwarz shows an in situ installation in the basement, significantly less interesting.   Schwarz captures posters pasted one upon the other which he finds in the streets. He then again turns these pictures into posters and uses them to partly cover the space and a wooden fence built inside. In his view, working with poster emphasizes the transient aspect of all acts. Theoretically that makes sense, but the final result is somewhat disappointing."

During opening night The Singing Painters perform - after crox 72 (Kamagurka) and crox 77 (Dianna Frid) it is the third performance of The Singing Painters in Croxhapox. TSP is a quartet for this occasion. The original trio (Hans/Michaël/Merlyn) takes on Andreas Brehmer on double bass.