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Van Hoorebeke, Ada

2009. Temporary City Berlin. Coproductie: Flachland Kunstverein, Lokaal 01 and Croxhapox. A project by Nele Tas and Ada Van Hoorebeke.
2010. crox 325: Eternal Hunting Grounds + Eternal tape sound L. R. J. Martens.
crox 339. Installation window, location Onderstraat 26.
2011. AVH and L. R. J. Martens produce a double lp (no crox-production) in which the Eternal tape sound serves as a starting point.

crox-box 12 January 2010

At first there is a call from Ada. She's busy in the large room at the back and /understandably/ is freezing.
Explain how to get the footstove going. First one has to turn the knob from the butane bottle and don't throw some match on the open grill. 
Repet: it's a bad idea to throw anything burning on the open grill. Neither is it advisable to turn the black ignition button. Just press it, I explain, and hold a burning match or better a burning piece of carton close to the grill. Blue flames will instantly burst from the grill. Keep the button pressed for some ten seconds. And make sure you don't burn your buttocks.

At the back of the corridor is a small chair and on the chair a laptop producing a yearning nosey sound that could well be music. 

Paper rolls, bamboo, a purplish-pink shoulder bag, whitewashed drawing sticks, the Dewalt sawing machine, spray cans, a paint roller and Ada herself wearing red trousers, a dark blue sweater and with a colourful shawl round her neck.

Thursday 14 January 2010 In the office, Ada sits in front of a laptop.