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De Swaef, Sven

2009. crox 315, a project by Michel Couturier. Michel builds a wall in plaster in the main room, frontal to the front entrance. Michel wants to drive a car through the wall. Enters van Swaef. He owns a black Citroën DS. At first they wanted to use another car, also a Citroen DS, somewhere in a garage, but they can't get the engine going. Monday 5 October 2009, that's when it happens.

crox-box 5 October 2009

Bertoni The Citroën DS, a revolutionary design by Bertoni, is Italian
design. The first model, mid fifties, had round head lights.
Bertoni also designed the Citroën SM - only a few thousands of them were ever brought to market. 

Sven De Swaef promised to drive a Citroen DS through the plaster wall. Not his own - he had contacted someone who swore high and low he had a functioning Citroen DS, meaning, till this morning. The story, and the car, didn't work. Some replacement parts were missing. Sven decided to use his own. He knows his beloved car inside out. He repairs it himself. What could go wrong? Anything. He called some guy who had spare parts, calculated a maximum loss of 300 euro's, at least if the plaster wall didn't crash entirely.

'Tu te rends compte, c'est sa voiture...' A black Citroën DS 21,
year 1973. It was last produced in 1975. They stopped assembling in 1975. How did he feel realising there was no other option than using his own DS? Sven admits, it's not a nice feeling. He's gone through a lot with that old beasty. The engine, it is a masterpiece. To reduce the possible damage to the Citroën DS 21 they decided they would drive at 5 km. Michel commissioned three students and made sure they were insured till their toe nails. 

Nina,Gauthier, Julien, studying photography. Marc is present. Sven has no misgivings. The only thing that bothers him is when the wall would fall on the DS. That is the least interesting scenario.

2010. crox 340, HZTM Sharper Gets Sharper. Performance at Friday 1 and Sunday 3 October 2010.