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Dhaluin, Bart

crox 277-5 (January 2009). Brainbox, second edition, unit 5. The other artists are Gerd Ververs and Reinhard Doubrawa (DE). In the brainbox room a woodstove is installed, to keep things cosey. One of the findings is that the stove heats a perimeter of about 2m. You have to sit quite close to the hearth to keep warm. This, and the installation of a youtube-cinema are the most important interventions. Ther is a plinth with a bag of flour and some utilities to make dough. The dough is rolled into thin chapatis who are baked on the hot top of the stove. A Large part of the drawings of Maud from unit 3 are used as fuel.

crox 353 (2011). Project in the cube room.