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18. 'Ze wierp een zijdelingse blik links in het raam, waar op dat ogenblik een groot aantal olifantjes militair opgesteld stond.' 1991. [Lieven David, En Passant; catalogustekst]

there's an elephant in front of the door
an elephant? an elephant
what is he doing? shut the door
why? has it a deeper meaning
I don't know keep him out
don't let him in!
tuut tuut elephant
let's go to the balcony
is this an elephant? [ ] 1991. [van]

552. BULLIPHANT. Bart Maris (t), Ruben Verbruggen (s), Thijs Troch (synth & electronics), Gonçalo Almeida (b), Friso Van Wijck (d).
Concert 5 november 2017.


fonteingeruis trompetgeschal
olifant cirkustent [Johan Joos, Majuskel. crox-boek 12]

No elephant in Lama China.
No elephant at Elleven past twelve.
No elephant in Half of the work.
Food Matters without.
Third Landscape without.