Vosters, Vadim

Participate in the first edition of BASICS 2 (2005) and the second edition of BRAINBOX. Unit 10 (May 2009), the penultimate group is a collaboration of Vadim Vosters, Marie Zolamian and Lucie Renneboog. There is Vosters tripel during opening night.

Wednesday 29 April 2009 (fragment from the crox-box):


Step 1. Vadim calls Mevrouw Stellemans. She has the keys to the building where the roll of rubber window sealer arrived.
Mevrouw Stellemans is very busy. Nevertheless she find the time to drive to CC Scharpoord.
Stap 2. Christophe De Jaegher, artistic director of Visual Arts of CC
Scharpoord, boards a train to Brussels at 5 pm. (bescause he lives in
Brussels) They agree that he will take the roll with him to hand it to Vadim in the short time the train stops in Gent Sint-Pieters. The time of this transaction will unavoidably be 18:00 sharp. 
Stap 3. 17:30. Vadim hurries to Dampoortstation and takes the 17:36 direction of Gent Sint-Pieters. The train has a delay of 8'.
Fatal: he will probably fail to make the connection with the train to Brussels.
Stap 4. Vadim calls Tatjana Pieters of OneTwenty asking if she has a mind to speed to Gent Sint-Pieters to pick up the roll of rubber window sealant.
Tatjana hurries to the platform where the train from Knokke will be arriving in an instant. She arrives just in time. Christophe De Jaegher hands the package to Tatjana Pieters. Christophe continues to Brussels. Once more things threaten to go wrong: Vadim misses Tatjana by a breath.
Stap 5. Vadim hurries to OneTwenty. Meanwhile he calls Tatjana. She is on café terrace, he learns, at Maria
Hendrikaplein, closely guarding the roll of rubber window sealant. Detail: also the assistent wears a short skirt.

Tyesday 28 April 2009 (fragment from the crox-box):

The traffic-jam this time - always jams in the direction of Brussels - is at 5 km from Groot
Bijgaarden. I have an appointment in the Walvis, with Vadim Vosters. We
drive to his workspace close to the church of Molenbeek. A gigantic loft, labyrinth of corridors and rooms. The workspace itself has no windows. Vadim's paintings are like wild animals. We load the wild boar in the car.

Later on we drive to a building at the canal. The water in the lock is just a meter below the level of the quay. At the building, a factory where a.o. lives Denis - the thing is to be taken down so Denis has to leave - we pick up a number of slide projectors. Than again direction Ghent.
Pitstop at Groot Bijgaarden: Vadim a roll with salmon and spiced cheese, the driver has one with bacon & egg. No music. The highway sounds, the flow of the traffic, a basso continuo and the musette of the landscape. The little birches linger.

The Crox premises. We unload the car. First Lucie. Lucie and Vadim haven't collaborated before.
There was rain in the air. The alley bathes in sunlight. Marie passes by: unit 10 is complete for the first time. Traces from previous units

1. KAMP vignet. In the front of the corridor, at the left, 10cm above the floor.
4. Holes at 2m high halfway through the corridor.
6. Shards of squared paper halfway through the corridor.
7. Brown stripes and a remnant of paper gone to flames.
6. A piece of  paper with a red strip.
4. In the room properly: a screw eye large caliber. In place since unit 4 at the right hand side close to the corridor.
1. A surveillance camera.
4. Grooves. the traces of an intervention. (When they cut away Maud's drawings)
2. A pink stripe at the wooden wall at the back, 3 steps wide.
8. A grey oblong marks the spot where the shed was.
A grey oblong marks the spot where the stove was.
1. Dummy, upper right corner.
3. Kelly brought Antoine's cameras. It is unknown if this has lead to actual pictures.

We drive to Kemzeke.