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Van der Borght, Joris

2005. crox 130, SACRE BORDEL. Instalraam, Onderstraat 26.crox 131, SACRE BORDEL. Second project in the room in the front. Retrospective presentation where JVDB collects, for the first time under the name of J. Van der Borght, the works of all his alter ego's. During opening night we have soup and a concert by The Singing Painters, without Merlyn Paridaen for a change.JVDB joins the crox-team and the Board. From the start he takes care of the business side. For the progressive expansion of our activities, his input is essential at all levels: logistical, programmatical and financial/administrative. Head of administration and finance from 2005 till the Summer of 2007. As head of logistics, he is responsible for all reconstructions and infrastructural adaptions which happen during that era: kitchen and inventory room construction, building walls and taking walls down, making repairs. He constructs a wheeled work bench (a crox first!) and assists in the acquisition of practically all the stuff we need at that time. He even takes pity on the books and the administration. Devising budgets, balance sheets and, as he puts it, governing the shop's purse like a good husband. Programmatically, one can discern an important shift towards projects of a more ideological character during his reign.Participates, under alias NGIP, in crox 145, first edition of Basics 2. Takes care of the catering (drinks). Films 444, the performance by  Nan-Ping Chang (TW). Finds two old slide projectors which he couples electronically - a boon for crox 151, the project of Evert Defrancq.

2006. crox 164, BAF, Belgian Art Foundation. Installation window, location Onderstraat 26. First project by Dr. Al.If, the ideologist of his many alter ego's. Publication of Nothing To Tell, very limited edition. Consecutively a project in the cube room under the same alias: BAF. Participates in the sequel of crox 145, again as NGIP. In the back room, the room at the end of the corridor, an inventory room is installed. In Summer, the kitchen and the toilet are refurbished. Coordinates the projects of Boris Van Acker (crox 181) and  Jamez Dabramski Dean (crox 185). Round about the same time a madman's ride to Zaventem is undertaken, go and return, with two cars, JVDB driving his red sagwagon, van driving the other vehicle, to pick up Dianna Frid and  Debra Tolchinsky. CarianaCarianne joins the duo a bit later. Financially one of the most daring combinations of projects of that era. van and JVDB conceive the first edition of Brainbox, October-December 2006. Joris constructs the BRAINBOX neon sculpture which ever since has moved around the place: from media space to hall and to cafetaria.  

2007. Coordinates crox 195, a project by VeDeZe. Assists in the logistics of crox 200, Plooibaar Landschap [Pliable landscape], a project by Wouter Decorte, and in crox 208, MA solo, a performance by Emilie De Vlam where we needed to lay our hands on a functioning photocopying machine. One of the most draconical and hilarious squirmishes was the removal of a project by Dirk Zoete. 3 tons of concrete are to be removed. See: Timetable, May 2007. Croxhapox is temporarily turned into a mice's brothel. Thanks to Zoete's breadcase. JVDB participates in Verzamelwoede, the second project in Abdij Maagdedale, Oudenaarde. Together with Bart Vandevijvere he coordinates the Franco-Belgian project, August-September 2007. Construction of the office, which is at the same time his last exploit as member of the crox-team.  Early in September 2007 he leaves the board. Takes care of the budgets and the books till the end of 2008. 

Member of the General Assembly of the Association and as allways a very much welcomed guest at opening nights.