Aannemersstraat 54

Second permanent location. Croxhapox resides there from Autumn 1994 till Summer 2000. Kristel De Buck, owner of the house till 2005, goes with the idea to change the basement into an exhibition space. Here Michaël Borremans has his first solo projects. Later, from teh end of 1997, the first floor is also included in the exhibition activities. Aannemersstraat forks with Wolterslaan and leads to Destelbergenstraat. While Wolterslaan had still postal code 9000 Gent, Aannemersstraat was in Sint-Amandsberg (9040). The neighbourhood, known as Heirnis, it used to be an estate - apart from a few sparse relics no signs of it can be found - reaches from Dendermondsesteenweg to the inner city ringroad and is side by side with Macharius, the present (2003- ...) crox quarter.
From 1993 till 1999 van has his workspace in the large and sunny conservatory which is used for the first and the last time as a crox location in June 2000, crox 104, De Eerste 10. From 2002 till 2005 we had Space Is The Place in the basement, an initiative of Merlyn Paridaen.