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Dorn, Antje (DE)

1995. crox 31, Öl Öl Öl. Paintings. The series, and it literally involves a real series, something really serial and moreover in the very sense of the word series, offers at each stage something white, or several white things, on a traffic-blue background. Slices of bread, comic strip thought balloons with ETC. ETC., mushrooms, it could have been a row of pollard willows or another kind of tree, I thought it resembled mushrooms, a meeting of mushrooms, and I still think so, there are lines of chalks, there is a sheep, there are michelin men and a caravan. With this set of paintings, some twenty in total, van drives at neckbreaking speed to Berlin, in 1995, some three weeks before christmas, in the Skodapox, all of them just fit in the back, no place left to add another one. After the crox project, October 1995, the serie was shown in Tatort, an art space in Kreuzberg.
Fabian Schweiger in concert at opening night in croxhapox, in the basement of Aannemersstraat 54.