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Karz, Thomas (DE)

One of the alter ego's of van and among those alter ego's the busiest one. Projects in 1996 and 2004/2006.
1996. crox 49, Kausale Zusammenhang I. Iinstallation window at location Onderstraat 51. White laundry is hung in the shop window. 

2005. crox 137, Kausale Zusammenhang II, a contextual installation. Only a few days after Ante Timmermans finishes off MINDMAP (crox 135) because of the at that time dramatic dampness problems in the croxruimte, Karz starts to register the incoming raindrops, a very performative and contextual installation from 10 March till 3 April 2005.
Karz is closely connected to the Fluxus activities. With some regularity he appears in the mail art correspondence by Sjoerd Paridaen and Laura van.
He also participated in both editions of crox 145, BASICS 2.