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van Imhoff, Saskia Noor (NL)


2010. A Group Show,
curated by RE:

Work in situ.


crox-box Wednesday 25
August 2010


Ann on a bike and Saskia Noor on eggs. She's wearing a blue suit, sprinkling white powder on the workfloor. The blue suit reminds one of Linus who was wearing it when he carefully applied the walls, until then brick red, with a layer of white paint in 2005 of 2006. Later on Linus was the possibly or not fictional alter ego of the De Wilde, Morrens & Denys firm during the third phase of the first edition of brainbox fase, October 2006. It could have been Nicolas Durand's apparel. The white powder is fire extinguisher stuff. It feels extremely soft
as if almost weightless and is spread by Saskia Noor over the horizontal right hand upper part of a construction in the form of a T of a set of elements exposed flat on the floor, an elementary act she has been performing more often. The anchoring point of the presentation is an oblong pit. 


Maarten takes pictures.


a set of elements positioned on the floor in the large room (a)

a slide projector

a black egg-form /ovaloid/ the first breaking point of bunch of light

two upright pieces of metal of about more or less 2 decimeter, second breaking point of the bunch of light

two indented pieces of wood and Grégory's little chair, third breaking point of the bunch of light


Saskia Noor extremely carefully crosses (b), a set of elements, each reduced to an AR size, together making up the horizontal leg of the T.


the bunch of light from a slide projector reduced to a4

a stash of a4s

a glass plate

a white egg-form and two horizontal supports

a blanket

glass panes the size of an a4 and a4s

small, square pieces of wood

some mdf the size of an a4

the lid of a drain

(b) A second series of elements, orthogonal to the first. Here too, a slide projector

paper, wooden blocks


a piece of mdf to the size of an a4

the projection of what appears to be a mountain range, sharp

on the side of the stash of a4s

the stash is about ten centimeters high

less crisp at the next obstacle


'It feels as if i am in a performance,' says Saskia Noor.


The conversation turns to Georges Perec and  The Poetic of Spaces by Gaston Bachelard. There is another presentation in the cube space.

On Maarten's laptop we watch a fragment of Gerry, a movie by Gus Van Sant with Mat Damon.