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Vercauteren, Kathy

By far the most well-dressed girl of Ghent. No exaggeration. She is the most well-dressed girl in Ghent.
Studied Multimediale Vormgeving KASK. If I'm not mistaken graduated in 2010. She appears in the crox-programme with some regularity since 2008.
2008 A TEA PARTY, a video film from 2008. Hans Beckers, Jasper Pollet, Robbert Goyvaerts and Gwendolin Van Jole are the actors. The most prominent feature of A Tea Party is the ubiquitous check pattern. According to the artist she had just moved house when she started filming. Everything in the flat she had left had this check pattern. She says, she doesn't really know how it is with this film. The actors are waiting, they are drinking tea, they don't know what they are waiting for, gradually, the mood gets nervous, things escalate till finally the clock on the wall appears to be a bride, the tablecloth a bridal veil, the cups and the cake were served on it: they have been wedded to time. 
She has a project in the cube room, another one in the media space and one more in one of the storage rooms.  
2011 HOMEMADE MARKET, a market of selfmade things during the weekend of 9 and 10 July.