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>Couckhuyt, Guy. Connoisseur and collector of free jazz and experimental music. Sublime collection of vinyl. At the end of 2005 one of the earliest extra-projects in the media space:a collection of sleeves of experimental music from the seventies till today. en Performance at opening night of Basics 2 (2005) and sequel Basics 2 (2006). 

>Deaf Nose. 

>Dean, Jamez Dabramski wholsales in alter ego's: Code Gema; Midgets on Porn; Mister & Misses Dean; Nina Demanis; Squirrel Liberation Front; Kamikaze Toy Boyz; Jamez Dean & The Dollars.

>Thomas Huyghe. Deejay set on Saturday 9 December 2006, opening night of brainbox unit 7.