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Van Akoleyen, Stef

1991. crox 17, Copy Art, first edition, fotocopy art pieces, appearing in the streets of Ghent from May 1991. 
crox 18, En Passant 25 installation windows. Location 14: Oudburg 15.
Jozef Van Akoleyen, brother of (1), is involved in VZW Barbabelge, an artists' collective which created a series of remarkable and easily understood street and neighbourhood projects from ca. 1995, in the slipstream of croxhapox interventions. If I'm not mistaken Wouter cox took the initiative and was later on joined by a.o. Peter De Duffeleer who became the administrative and financial manager of Kunst Zwalm.

After crox 18 all we know about Stef Van Akoleyen is reported to be living in the South of France.

(1) Jozef is the brother of Frans, a very famous GP from Zelzate, a smallish city close to Ghent. Frans V.A. is one of the leading figures of a group of GP's inspired by left-wing politics and called 'geneeskunde voor het volk' [medecine for the people]. The group openly defies corporatist medical institutions and capitalist exploitation.