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Van Herreweghe, Egon

A Group Show. Guest production, September 2010. ----> RE:
RE: is an initiative of Maarten Dings, Joachim Naudts and Egon Van Herreweghe.

From Transcriptie 1 /woensdag 8 september 2010/. The adjectives E uses:

Photografic. Evident. Select. General. Strange. Evident. Right. Right. Evident. Right. Non-evident. Young. Large. Narrow.

The verbs: Be. Go. Reframe. Shall. Can. Say. Present. Can. Make. Be. Find. Make. Be. Be. Make. Mean. Think. Work. Become. Be. Sluipen (in). Take care. Close on into. BeBeBe. Become. Can. Say. Have to. Do. BeBeBeBe. Frame. Move towards. Be. Make. Be. Make. Think.

From Transcriptie 2 /woensdag 25 augustus 2010/. The adjectives E uses:

Important. difficult. Static. Fluid. Rigid. Concrete. Exciting. Multi-talented. Expressive. Difficult. Utopian.

The verbs: Be. Can. Be. Fetch. Have. Have. Connect. Have. Go into. BeBe. Discover. Have. Considering. Be. Go. Make. Be. Lead. Start from. Get. Say. BeBeBe. Need. Think. Can. Talk. Need. Can. Present. Mean.