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Denek, Krysztof (CZ)

1995. crox 32. NATION NOTION NOTATION NUTRITION. Installation window at Onderstraat 51 and Onderstraat 26.
Krysztof Denek (CZ, 1961, Brno). Dies in 1998 in Nicaragua.
Although no reviews have been written on the november 1995 window project by Krysztof Denek (Luk Lambrecht, then writing for De Morgen, wrote something on the window presentations of Phill Niblock and Jens Brand, two months later, early 1996) the in situ work that Denek created on both Onderstraat 26 and Onderstraat 51, two windows on number 26, two on number 51, opposite of each other, made a strong impression on those who saw it. Each window had a huge pile of newspapers, so high that it made the impression of a twin tower double. Likewise the space behind each window had red curtains, looking as stage curtains, and a violent red was spread over the inside of each window. A saw stuck halfway each newspaperpile. The piles had editions, I remember, of American, German, English and Chinese newspapers. Denek may have made photographs of the work. In the crox-archive no relicts remain. I recall that he had travelled in China, Indochina and South America. Born in Brno he had a fluent English pen. I can't remember if his mother was an American or not. All of his notes were in English. In 1996 we met in Tate, where he stood in front of Douglas Gordon's vampire. He told me that he had moved to Bratislava, on the Danube, and introduced Bruce Chatwin.