Concert by Larry Krone (US) during opening night of his solo project (crox 97) and the first crox solo by Johan De Wilde (crox 98). 'The key to understanding Krone is realizing that his art really is a part of his life - and vice versa.
Highly biographical, the artist's work touches on the music and style he
loves, the odd little things that catch his eye. A major aspect of this
comes across in his performance pieces - one of which recently took
place at Blueberry Hill - which combine country music, creative
costuming and family participation.' (from Krone Rides High as Urban Cowboy Artist, Jeff Daniel, St. LouisPost Dispatch, June 16, 2002)
Larry Krone sings cowboy songs and plucks tunes on the ukulele. His show is on the ground floor where the concert also happens. A large crowd. 
Marc Coene and Noe Kidder (US) also play the ukulele and are picking tunes from time to time. Kidder, born in Hawaï, does so, as Marc recalls, in the right way, with the appropriate ukulele wrist movement, he plays it like a guitar.