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Verherbrugge, Jan Willem (NL)

2004. crox 113, photos. Lucas Munichstraat 76/82. Second solo project in the long and narrow space Adriaan Verwée will be transforming a year and a half later into the cube room and a cafeterai, adding a projection screen. Ward Denys is coordinating the project of Jan Willem Verherbrugge. If I remember well, it is also Ward who suggested JWV's work. Along the long wall at the right is a layer of black paint. Quite nice, till one realises the paint has to come off again for the next project. He shows a set of 80 photos criss-cross in a display. The presentation is a kind of photografic diary combined with a print collection. The other wall, leading deep into the narrow space where the kitchen will be, remains white. A series of technical camera's is positioned here, six, if I'm not mistaken. The project is documented less emphatically and enthousiastically than those later on. Marc Coene takes up his post as a documentalist only a few weeks later - allbeit on a voluntary basis.