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Vanderhaeghen, Dirk (BE)

Crox-collaborator from early 1991 till the Summer of 1992. DV joins the team during the second half of the time at Beverhoutplein. Dirk goes along in the research for Paalproject 2, the mad plan to turn the Belgian territory into a work of art. He makes a succesful computerised version of the degrees of skewness, one of the basic data patterns underlying the project. Degrees of skewness are like a diagonal wrap around the globe. Overlap between the diagonals and the usual meridian lines, referred to in a cartesian plane with x and y axises, divides the Belgian territory into eight hundred and eighty-eight mathematically relevant areas. DV also joins the KNUTS-project, the last spasm of the collaboration between Frank and van. He resides in San Francisco since ca. 2008.

Fragment of a letter, July 1992. The letter is addressed to Frank Van den Eeckhout.
'The point is that there are a lot of people of whom I don't even know in what city or province they are living. It is therefor practically impossible to browse all telephone guides for each and every ne of them. Moreover, there is a number of well known persons whose numbers are not in the guide and in some cases multiple addresses are possible because first names are abbreviated in the guides. To solve these conundrums I have contacted the R.T.T. [Belgian Telephone state monopoly in the early nineties] if it is possible to look up addresses in a quick way electronically. They replied that such a search would only be possible in Ghent and Brussels. In other words, at the R.T.T. in Ghent one can look up any address of a person through a computer search. One only has to enter the name and the computer searches for the relevant address in its data bank.'
The letter is from 1992. The first website about the contemporary art scene goes online only three years later. DV introduces cyberspace at a time no one has even heard of it or even imagined it in their dreams.