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Boutelegier Participates in Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch (1997). crox 297, solo project in the cube room (2009).
De Wilde Solo projects in 1999 and 2006. Participates in Basics 1 (2003), both editions of Basics 2 (2005/2006) and Verzamelwoede (2007). Author of crox-book Nr 2, PARTICLES (2006). Shortly after he joins the board of crox. Editor in chief of the crox-editions.

De Wit crox 126 (2004). Installation window at Onderstraat 26. Video presentation. Participates in the first edition of BASICS 2 (2005).
en de Alverman. The generation delict. Sure as rock. ['Johan en de Alverman' was a popular television series for youngsters from the last millenium. Translator has no idea what this entry means and regrets he didn't ask the author to elucidate]
Gelper crox 217 (2007). A project in the cube room.
crox 257 (2008). Project in the large space at the front. Experiment: two solo projects in the same space. The other presentation shows Steven Baelens oils.
Joos crox 8 (1990), presentation at the first floor of Beverhoutplein 7. Paintings.
crox-card Nr 2 (1994, 1st edition on cardboard, a run of 50)
crox 193-1 (2006), project in the cube room with Christ Michiels.
crox-card Nr 2, reprint (2007)
MAJUSKEL (2009), crox-book Nr 12.
Van Geluwe crox 18, En Passant 25 installation windows (1991). Street itinerary. His venue is the shop window in the basement of a building in Hoornstraat, where Poëziecentrum was situated at that time.

*Johan is a common first name in Flanders and the Netherlands. Not as common as 'John' though, but obviously of the same origin. Each entry in boldface has to be read as Johan (entry).